June 21, 2024

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Tiger Woods supports the PGA Tour and criticizes Phil Mickelson’s comments | golf

It was far from a complete attack. However, Tiger Woods provided more than enough via persuasive criticism of Phil Mickelson to leave viewers in no doubt that the 15-time main champ has little sympathy for his old opponent’s predicament. Will Mickelson Miss the US PGA Championship this weekwhere he was scheduled to appear as the defending champion, with the fallout from comments regarding Saudi Arabia and the breakaway tour.

Woods has admitted that he has not contacted Mickelson since the latter walked away from golf in late February. Woods’ comments in a staunch defense of the current golf ecosystem are in stark contrast to the approach of Mickelson, who accused PGA Tour of “hateful greed” and claimed to have sought “influence” through the Saudis.

“He has his say as to where he thinks golf is going,” said Mickelson’s Woods. “I have my own view of how I see golf. I have supported the Tour and my organization has run events on the Tour for a number of years. I just think Ma Jack [Nicklaus] and Arnold [Palmer] We did that starting the Tour, breaking up with the US PGA and creating our Tour in 1968… I just think there’s a legacy to that. I’ve played here for two decades and I think there is a legacy. I still think the Tour has a lot to offer, a lot of opportunities.

I understand different points of view but I believe in legacies. I believe in the big leagues. I believe in big events and comparisons with historical figures of the past. There is a lot of money here. The tour is increasing. But it is like any other sport. It’s like tennis. You have to go out there and win it. You have to go there and play for it. We have a chance to go ahead and do that. It’s just not guaranteed up front.”

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It is widely believed that Mickelson has signed a lucrative deal with Saudi-backed LIV golf Investments, which will stage a $25 million event in Hertfordshire next month. It was explained that Woods was choosing his words wisely when asked about Mickelson’s lack of appearance at the Southern Hills. “It’s always disappointing when the title holder is not here,” he said.

“Phil has said some things that I think a lot of us committed to the Tour and committed to the legacy of the Tour have rejected. He has taken some personal time and we all understand that. I think some of his opinions should be made about how the Tour is run, there was a lot of disagreement there. But As we all know, as a professional, we miss him here.”

Speaking to Woods, Rory McIlroy was candid about the importance of the Saudi disruption plan. “Greg [Norman] “Everyone behind it is very determined,” McIlroy said. “I think we’ll just have to see how it goes. Men will make decisions. Honestly, it’s going to shape the future of professional golf in one way or another, so I think we’ll just have to see how it turns out.”

Description of McIlroy Mickelson US PGA The absence was “unfortunate” and “sad”. The two-time PGA champion added, “This should be a celebration, right?”

Woods and McIlroy will be in another company for the first and second rounds in Tulsa, which indicates that the PGA’s senior American officers are trying, if only for a brief period, to change the golf narrative. Jordan Spieth, who needs this major to complete his Grand Slam career, makes up the trio.

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Woods insists he is in better physical shape than he was at the Masters, which was his first championship appearance since being involved in a serious car crash last February. “I feel like I can [win it]Sure, he said when asked if victory was possible. “I just have to go in there and do it. I have to do my work. It starts on Thursday and I will be ready.”