April 13, 2024

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Top 10 Stupid News, Champions of the Week #402

How are you guys doing this Halloween Sunday? We’re fine, we plan to curl up under a blanket and watch movies that scare you while eating sweets, “The Conjuring,” “The Shining,” and Inez Reck. But for now, it’s time to talk about the champions of the week, and many of these incredible facts happen every week thanks in part to this friendship. @Nice name.

1. La Rochelle: Dealer “relieved” at arrest

Topido’s Analysis: Finally, we cannot imagine the pressure behind this job. Finally the “work”, which is illegal, suddenly and inevitably the pressure spreads everywhere, but he can stop himself and avoid legal problems.

The dealer said he was “relieved” after being sentenced to two years in prison for trafficking cocaine. He doesn’t know what to do with the money

Posted by SudOuest.fr We are Monday, October 24, 2022

2. The students were actually asleep when firefighters intervened due to suspicion of intoxication

Topido’s Analysis: When you see students with no energy during business school classes, you don’t have to look at anything other than a typical hangover, and I don’t know how they could have thought of an addiction.

4. Bangladesh: A thief calls the police for help at the scene of his crime

Topido’s Analysis: Can you imagine that magical moment when he decided to call the cops to free him from the place he was trying to rob? It takes a lot of character for a fool to master so much.

5. Whiskey, Shrimp and Sausage Cocktail: He is found drunk after spending the night at the supermarket.

Topido’s Analysis: It often happens that people find themselves trapped in supermarkets, in which case they do what we all do: they eat and drink to pass the time.

6. Japan: A shop mistakenly sells plastic pastries

Topido’s Analysis: “Wrong” has a slight aftertaste in the mouth, as one can clearly see that the pastries have come out of the plastic.

7. Saint-Pierre: An extravaganza organized in the canteen of the fire station, investigation underway

Topido’s Analysis: Frankly… this is where we eat, folks. People really have no respect. If there was a fire alarm somewhere in the city, can you imagine the delay created by the revelry?

8. Environmentalists cling to the floor of a Porsche showroom, the boss ignores them, and they stay in the hangar for 42 hours.

Topido’s Analysis: The boss clearly doesn’t have the time, he’s there to make big bucks selling Porsches, not to get the kids out of his attic at the same time.

After almost a night without sleep in the automobile brand’s hangar, the activists were led off the ground directly to be arrested by the police.

Posted by Midi Dispatch We are Tuesday, October 25, 2022

10. They buy their dream house… and find 22 rotten cats

Topido’s Analysis: 22 cats. Seriously, it’s awkward and weird to find one or two, but 22… it’s a graveyard, it’s not possible, it’s home to some weird satanic cult, and nobody has that many cats. Edit: No one has that many dead cats.

Come on, have a happy Halloween and see you next week.