May 27, 2024

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Top 5 Gambling Destinations for International Travellers

There’s something that goes hand-in-hand about the rush of gambling and the thrill-seeking nature of travel. That’s why popular gambling destinations become so famous for what is essentially just another service. Just think of Las Vegas – the city’s identity is inseparable from its roots as a gaming hub. There are more destinations to gamble at than Sin City, though, and today we’ll be taking a look at some of them.

If visiting one of these locations is not an option, you can always check out live dealer casinos. Through the magic of live streaming technology, you can experience all the glitz of a Maltese casino right from the comfort of your own home. There are virtual stand-ins for almost all of the top gambling destinations we’ll be talking about!

On a side note, we’ve purposefully decided to omit Las Vegas from this list. You don’t need us to tell you that Vegas is the place to go for gambling, do you?

1. Malta

We mentioned Malta in the introduction, so we might as well elaborate. Thanks to a booming tourist scene and a highly advanced gaming regulative body, Malta became one of the centers of gambling in the world. For one, the online gaming industry in this small Mediterranean island is arguably bigger than anywhere else. More importantly, though, it boasts a rich history of betting games and some breathtaking locales. Its newfound boom in the gambling sector changed the landscape in many ways, but the prestige of some Maltese casinos is hard to beat.

One way or another, you should add Malta to your summer travel itinerary if possible. And if you’re looking to gamble, you’ll surely be in for a treat as well. The country’s vibrant nightlife is further bolstered by several world-famous gambling establishments such as the Portomaso Casino or the Oracle Casino. Your choices range from a modern casino-hotel complex to a restored 17th century harborside palace. No matter how you look at it, stopping at the EU’s smallest member state is more than worth your time.

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2. Monte Carlo

We were not sure if adding Monaco to our list would be all that informative. But we would be remiss to not mention the historic principality that spearheaded the gambling world for a century before Las Vegas became more than a pile of dust in the Nevada Desert.

The history of the world-renowned Monte Carlo Casino is long and particularly fun if you’re a history buff. It involves ancient noble lineages, financial ruin, and an establishment that turned a small French backwater into a world symbol of luxury and glamour. Interestingly enough, the casino itself does not allow citizens of Monaco to enter the gaming rules. This was on the insistence of Princess Caroline, the casino’s founder, and main visionary.

Of course, the Casino is not all there is to Monte Carlo. We assume we don’t have to spend a lot of time touting the beauties of the French Riviera. It’s one of the most acclaimed travel destinations for gamblers, and it has been so for more than 150 years. Will you be the next Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo? Only one way to find out!

3. Macau

China’s Special Administrative Region has been known as the World Capital of Gambling ever since the 1850s. It’s a dubious title, but one that rings especially true since Macau overtook Las Vegas in gambling proceeds. Gambling tourism makes up 50% of the city’s revenue thanks to its separate gambling and economic policies. With a grand total of 41 gambling establishments, you’ll have enough choices to put Las Vegas to shame.

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More than that, Macau boasts a rich history dating back to its Portuguese colonial days. As a blend of Western and Chinese cultures and architectural styles, the whole city center has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005. The city is a true Jewel of the East in more ways than being one of the top gambling destinations in the world. The sights, sounds, and locales are breathtaking and a real treat for those who can foot the bill.

4. Singapore

Speaking of city-states of the far East, Singapore can be considered a rising star among top gambling destinations. Ever since gambling in Singapore was legalized in 2005, massive casino mega-resorts opened their doors to floods of tourists. This move was made in an attempt to rival the fierce tourism competition offered by Bangkok and Hong Kong. Malaysia’s Genting Highlands is another nearby gambling resort and an honorable mention on this list.

Again, we could spend a whole page explaining the many reasons to visit and see Singapore. As far as casinos are concerned, they’re mostly concentrated in a few integrated resorts. Famous examples include Sentosa and Marina South. These are huge complexes of hotels, casinos, theaters, museums, and theme parks. Essentially tourist havens – especially if you’re a fan of gambling games.

5. Shreveport, Louisiana

The US had to be included on this list of top gambling destinations in one way or another. As we already mentioned, though, Las Vegas and Atlantic City seem a bit too obvious to most readers. That’s why our pick is Shreveport, sometimes called the South’s Ratchet City. The nickname is a bit derogatory, but we can assure you that the town is everything but Ratchet. Especially if you’re looking for tourist destinations for gambling.

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Visiting the American South is something we can recommend to anyone touring the US. To that end, Shreveport is an important cultural center lying on the meeting of Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas. It’s also a great place to find riverboat casinos, which are a quaint part of the history of gambling. The nearby Bossier City also has one of the best horse racetracks in the country if that’s the form of gambling you’re looking for.