April 12, 2024

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Tractor-trailer plunges down the I-10 bridge in Louisiana

Tractor-trailer plunges down the I-10 bridge in Louisiana

GIF: Rhine Police Department

Ryan is a small town in Louisiana with a population of over 7,300. that It serves I-10, Rhine with one exit near the city’s northern border. Late Thursday morning, someone drove a tractor trailer Off the dam near the exit.

The short video clip of the accident begins with the trailer tractor in question sinking across the bridge. The truck then drops off from the end onto the four-lane road that bypasses the highway. He almost bounced across the avenue without touching another car, leaving a plume of dirt and smoke in his wake. The tractor races the trailer off the frame as it settled on private property, where the likeness catches fire.

The Rhine Volunteer Fire Department, headquartered less than a quarter mile from the scene, responded to the accident and put out the flames. The driver was slightly injured in the unplanned trip. The Rhine Police Department, which is based at the same location as the volunteer firefighters, is investigating the incident.

Interstate-10 in the Southeast has been looking more dangerous than usual lately. earlier in the day, There was another incident On the other side of the state line is Mississippi. There, a passenger truck from the rear convoy. The truck driver was seriously injured, and the highway had to be closed to traffic to allow a medical helicopter to airlift the driver.

Last January, a truck transported seven new BMWs hit a bridge on I-10. BMWs caught fire, and the bridge itself was damaged by debris. It took more than nine hours to clean and re-examine the bridge to ensure the safety of passengers and to reopen it to the public traffic movement. While the bridge reopens, the damage to the bridge won’t be repaired until April.

If you’re a local resident, I hope Highway 10 has a quiet, accident-free month.

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