June 15, 2024

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Trump warns jail term could be ‘breaking point’ for supporters

Trump warns jail term could be ‘breaking point’ for supporters

Former US President Donald Trump, who was found guilty by a New York jury this week, said in an interview broadcast on Sunday, June 2, that the prison sentence was a “breaking point” for his supporters.

“I don’t know if the public will accept it, I don’t know if the public will support this decision. I think it will be hard for the public to swallow. At some point there is a breakdown“The former president said in an interview on Sunday’s Fox broadcast.

Donald Trump was convicted 34 counts, Thursday, May 30, in the case of Stormy Daniels. All twelve judges found him guilty He falsified several accounting documents to hide the payment of $130,000 This is the first time that a former President of the United States has been convicted by the Department of Criminal Justice for an actress who acts in pornographic films.

One of the former president’s sons, Eric Trump, once again came to his father’s defense. He estimated that The affair made his father a “martyr”.. “The American people are not stupid” and “look at exactly what’s going on,” he promised.

On his Truth social network, he called out the US Supreme Court on Sunday, where the majority of justices lean closer to the Republican Party. “Is a highly controversial, Democratic-appointed local judge going to make a decision that will determine the future of the nation?” “The Supreme Court of the United States will have to decide,” the candidate added They have already announced their intention to appeal. However, in US law, such appeals are decided at the state level and not directly by the federal Supreme Court.

His sentencing is scheduled for July 11.Four days before the start of the Republican National Convention, the party’s delegates introduce the presidential candidate, marking the start of the election campaign.

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American politician A who left the court He promised a “bad” trial, a “disgrace” and a “real verdict” on November 5., the date of the US presidential election. Even with a prison sentence, the conviction won’t stop the billionaire Republican from running for president against Democrat Joe Biden.

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