May 20, 2024

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TV Shows and Movies Affected by WGA Writers Strike - The Hollywood Reporter

TV Shows and Movies Affected by WGA Writers Strike – The Hollywood Reporter

A number of television shows and films were affected by the writers’ strike after negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance bogged down.

The writers have been picketing locations across Los Angeles and New York City, as the union seeks transparency in viewing from signage, an increase in the minimum wage, protection against small rooms and the use of artificial intelligence.

After the first week of the strikes, many scripted productions were stopped, either by selection or disruption due to either the lack of showrunners or writers on set, or by takers. Some of those affected include Netflix Weird thingsApple TV+ Looting And Marvel’s code.

During the last writers’ strike, which was 15 years ago, productions on shows and movies faced similar closures and delays. They, as well as California’s economy, were affected financially by the WGA strike in 2007, which lasted more than three months – the fallout was about $2 billion (or $2.8 billion in 2023) and experts predict that the financial losses may be equal. Bigger this time.

Although late-night talk shows get dark quickly (as they are scripted up to the moment of broadcast), it can take viewers longer to notice the impact due to the dramatically changing media landscape (most notably the stock of on-demand viewing options). Timing also plays a role, since it’s nearing the end of the broadcast TV season, plus studios have been quietly planning the strike for months and taking action in preparation.

Find a list of TV shows and movies affected by the Writers’ Strike below.

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