May 29, 2024

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Twitter has a new tweet sound

Twitter has a new tweet sound

few of us in the edge I noticed something new about the Twitter app on iOS: When you quit to refresh your feed, you might hear some new sounds. One is a small tweet that plays when you first pull your feed, and after you finish updating your feed, you may hear a short tweet of confirmation. (Although the sounds are more automated than any real bird I’ve ever heard.)

I recorded it You can hear what I hear. It’s a little different from the short “pop” you’ve probably heard on the update before.

We’re not quite sure when the change will start, but we first noticed it on a Friday afternoon, and saw Package From Tweets About the new Peep from Friday, too. There are also a few tweets that mention tweets in the past Husband of weeksWhich could mean Twitter was rolling it out slowly before a bigger release.

It seems that this isn’t just a change for iOS. One edge Android employee occasionally hears the second new noise you describe, and some tweets I’ve found have been sent around From Android.

If you want to hear noises for yourself on your phone, just try swiping down to refresh your feed. If you don’t hear it, try to force close the Twitter app and open it again (that’s what worked for me), and make sure you’re using the latest version of the app. We’re not sure how prevalent this is, so you might not have the sounds yet even if you try these steps.

Now, if you’ll let me, I’ll update the app to hear the beautiful new sounds again. and again. Maybe just again. One last time, I promise…

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