June 21, 2024

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Two dead and eighteen injured in a storm in Tuscany

Two dead and eighteen injured in a storm in Tuscany

Hundreds of people were evacuated to temporary shelters.

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After causing much damage in Corsica, the storm moved into Italy. According to Italian regional authorities, a storm that hit Tuscany on Thursday, August 18 left two dead and eighteen injured.

Between the coast and the tourist town of Florence, strong winds and heavy rain fell. Local media reported that a man and a woman were killed by falling trees. According to Toscana, a local news site in Dretta, four people were injured by uprooted trees at a camping site, and another four crashed their car into a torn roof. They were taken to hospital.

10 others sustained minor injuries. Hundreds were evacuated and housed in schools and gymnasiums, which have been converted into emergency shelters by the Civil Defense Agency.

The city of Milan announced that municipal parks would be closed on Friday, August 19, and asked citizens not to park their cars or walk under trees and to ensure that nothing falls from their balconies. Lazio, a region of Rome, is forecasting rain with strong winds starting Thursday evening and continuing throughout Friday.

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