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“Two explosions” according to the official Polish statement


The Polish Commission of Inquiry, which is accused of explaining the causes of a plane crash in Smolensk, Russia in 2010, said President Lek Kaczynski was killed, which led to the explosion of two devices on board.

The real cause of the Smolensk disaster was two explosions in the final stages of the plane crash“In particular, his report states that Jaroslav Kaczynski’s Law and Justice Party (PiS), the twin brother of the late president, has been arguing for years for this study on the eruption, which was set aside by a previous commission of inquiry set up by the liberal government of Donald Duskin.

The first hypothesis of a weather cause was rejected

The plane crash on April 10, 2010, killing 96 people on board, was blamed on bad weather and the fault of Polish pilots and Russian air traffic controllers. A more than 300-page report published on the Second Group’s web page on Tuesday suggests that aircraft explosives may have been introduced in Russia during aircraft refurbishment.

The commission points out that the repairs took place at the Aviakor factories in Samara.The Russian oligarchy, a friend of then-Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, belonged to Oleg Deripaska“She uses cautious language.”Possibilities“Sowing explosives and causing decay”Thanks for the coded radio message at the desired time and place“.

Traces of explosives and misinformation

The report says traces of explosives were found on the plane’s pieces and cites a record of the plane’s last seconds, showing surprises from crew following a shock. This noise is described by the commission as the first explosion, while to the authors of the first investigation it was the collision of the device with a tree.

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The new report also accuses Russia of having air traffic controllersKnowinglySent false information to Polish pilots. Seeks to identify potential supporters of the process, the report said.Illegal interventionPresident Kaczynski was targeted because of his policies against the interests of Moscow.

Term “AttackAs Jaroslav Kaczynski did on Sunday, he promised to present evidence and ask those responsible for it.In Poland, but especially in RussiaShould be identified and punished. Moscow is refusing to return the ruins, which Warsaw has claimed for years.

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