May 29, 2024

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Two people have been arrested in Spain for tire fraud

Two men were arrested by Catalan police on the AB-7 highway on Wednesday, August 11, according to reports Independent. Widespread fraud on the highways, using a flat tire technique to rob a motorist and catch them handcuffed
Catalonia, Northeast

Their method is well established: first, they force a motorist to stop on the emergency lane, claiming that one of his tires has failed. Then, while one of the two was engaged in the task of distracting the motorist, the other slipped in his cockpit. Car You have to steal valuables from him without finding them.

One in two people is said to have committed 106 crimes of this kind

Every year, especially during the summer, many theft cases related to this scam are reported. One of the two arrested would have amassed 106 crimes of this type, all committed up to AB-7, Catalonia and Valencia. Both were finally released on probation and their future trial is pending, Moss explained Police Catalan, in a statement released Saturday.

Police said they were looking for other members of the criminal gang who belonged to the two arrested. Police officials insisted that motorists should be very careful on Cutalonia’s highways.