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Two U.S. secret agents were deported from Seoul one night drunk


The BBC reports that the U.S. Secret Service, which was embarrassed by the appearance of two employees in Seoul, expelled them on the spot.

Task dropped. Sent inside South Korea To prepare for arrival Joe Biden And to ensure his safety, U.S. Secret Service personnel stirred up trouble in Seoul. After their working day in the capital, the two special agents could not resist the temptation to crawl to the pub on Thursday evening. Reveals the BBC, Friday, May 20. A night trip turned into a diplomatic incident after an argument with a local taxi driver who drove the two drunk to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. While waiting for police intervention, security guards from the hotel establishment and two bystanders intervened in an attempt to end the fight.

Johnny are two men very close to English Than James Bond, Not arrested by Korean law enforcement. The driver who took action did not register any complaint against them and the reason for the melee was not disclosed. However, US Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmy told the Federal Agency that “an off-duty incident involving two employees could be a possible breach of its policy.” An hour before the U.S. president’s official visit to the Peace Land on Friday morning, the pair of staff were sent back. United States.

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