May 30, 2024

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Two were killed in flash floods in southern Belgium and West Germany

Belgium sees an episode of heavy rain that caused numerous rivers in Wallonia (French-speaking south) to overflow their beds, causing flooding and evacuation of hundreds of people on Wednesday, July 14, especially in the spa city of Spa. Trees were uprooted and alleys submerged: the same day severe thunderstorms hit Germany, especially in the west, with local authorities expecting more rain in the coming days.

In Belgium, according to local media, the body of a man was found in a museum near a lock in the town of Propondeville, south of Namur. The circumstances of the death were not immediately reported, but the muse was flooded. The tributaries of the river, the Lessy (south), the Everde and the Westray (southeast), were particularly high-flow.

In Liege (East), police said several axles along the Muse border were closed to traffic. A cultural center has been opened to accommodate residents who are forced to leave their homes. In addition, hundreds of scouts camped in Wallonia had to be evacuated and relocated from Tuesday night to Wednesday.

“We are evacuating the scout camps one by one.”, RDL-TVI Corin Mullens, mayor of Rocheford (south), a tourist town where many rivers meet.

A spokesman for the Belgian Scouts, the LN24 Gilles Beckers, a continuing news channel, said it was concerned if a total of 120 camps stumbled due to evacuation or weather.

Houses, cellars, flooded roads: The situation is likely to worsen in the coming hours as the weather forecast announces rain until Thursday evening. In the afternoon, officials in the province of Liege warned that the flow of the Westray could increase even more significantly as the gates of the two dams reached enrichment.

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Consequence: The residents of Saudfontaine on the banks of this waterway began to evacuate. The event had up to 1,700 people, RTPF reported.

The spa town, further east of the Liege region, warned on its website Wednesday, by email or phone, that the hypercentre would be inaccessible due to a power outage. Video footage taken on the RTPF website showed city streets being turned into muddy streams. Many public services had to close their doors.

Belgium is used for flooding. Those in June 2016 have been approved “Disasters” The Walloon region grants the right to exceptional compensation. But this year, the country has already had bad consequences, especially in the summer with rainy and bad weather.

Ten days ago, a 60-year-old man drowned in a swell not far from his home in Idre (center). His body was caught by a pipe and found in the Brussels-Charleroi Canal.

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Germany was also hit by violent thunder

In Hagen, West Germany.

In Germany, local media reported Wednesday evening that a firefighter had drowned during the Altona (North Rhine-Westphalia) intervention. The East is not saved either: in Saxony, a man is missing.

In the most populous region in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, heavy rains caused widespread damage, especially to many retirement homes. In many places, the water rose almost a meter in the alleys. Firefighters said several cellars were flooded. The trees were uprooted by powerful squares.

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In Hagen, according to emergency services, the streams moved out of their beds. “Mass of garbage” The one who blocked the streets. Firefighters used boats near D டsseldorf to rescue three motorists trapped in their vehicle in a flooded highway tunnel.

Neighboring areas such as Tsar and the Rhineland-Palatinate and McLenberg-Vorpomorn (northeast) have been placed on high alert. The other north lander is expected to experience thundershowers, along with heavy rain and hail.

On Tuesday, Bavaria, in the south of the country, was hit hard, with natural disasters reported even in the Hof district due to flooded roads.

New disruptions expected in the coming days Local authorities fear floods in the Rhine and Mozell, whose magnitude is already high after heavy rains in recent days.

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