May 27, 2024

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UK Health Minister apologizes after ‘unfortunate’ tweet

British Minister of Health Sajid Javed The country apologized on Sunday after being advised not to “roll over” the face
Corona virus. A week after he was diagnosed with the virus, Sajid Javed said on Twitter on Saturday that he was “completely healed”. His symptoms are “very mild, thank you
Vaccines Incredible, ”the minister said, adding that he received two doses.

“Please, if you have not already, get vaccinated because we are learning to live with this virus, rather than curling up,” he added. This reaction led to angry reactions, the Federation of Victims and Delegates, especially the Opposition, which considered these comments an insult to the most vulnerable, taking into account the sacrifices made by the British during the three consecutive imprisonments ordered in the United Kingdom. It is one of the worst-hit countries in Europe with 129,000 deaths.

Tweet deleted

This Sunday, Sajid Javed deleted the controversial tweet and apologized in a new message on the social network, saying it was an “unfortunate choice” and “honest”. “Like many, I have lost loved ones to this horrible virus and I will never minimize its impact,” he said. Sajid Javed has been forced to self-isolate as the government lifted most recent restrictions in the UK since Monday due to his corona virus infection, a controversial decision, even if called with caution.

In connection with the case, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently ending a ten-day solitary confinement. Faced with an explosion of cases caused by the highly contagious delta variation, the United Kingdom has recently registered 60,000 new cases daily, but seems to have declined in recent days, reaching a third wave without knowing whether it is at its peak at this point.

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