April 20, 2024

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Ukraine claims to have destroyed another Russian warship

Ukraine claims to have destroyed another Russian warship

A Pyrrhic war drone is said to have sunk a ship landing on the island of Sarbands in the Black Sea.

It is small again Snake Island, Which has become a symbol of Ukrainian opposition to Russian invasion of the Black Sea, declares that Ukraine has destroyed an enemy ship. A Turkish Bayraktar TB2 fighter drone “11770 Serna launches project landing ship and strikes two surface-to-air missile systems“, The Ukrainian navy said on social media on Saturday, without specifying the date.

In the videos released by the Ukrainian military, we can see a ship hit by an explosion, especially anchored near a ship, which was later destroyed by fire and spread a large haze.

At 26 meters long, the Cerna is the fastest Russian landing gear capable of carrying 45 tons. It is designed with 7.62 mm caliber machine guns and Igla missile launchers and landing war vehicles and assault units. “The traditional parade of the Russian Navy will take place on May 9 this year near Snake Island under the sea.“, For its part, was mocked by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Twitter. For its part, Moscow did not confirm the information.

Earlier, the Ukrainian military said it had bombed two Russian raptor-class patrol boats on the island of Serpent in early May, and was attacked by Bayraktar TB2 fighter drones. In mid-April, the Russian flag Moscow Kyiv and Washington say they sank in the Black Sea after being hit by Ukrainian missiles. Moscow, for its part, said the ship was damaged by an explosion.

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