May 21, 2024

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Ukraine: Lavrov attacked Macron, quoting a French journalist on CNews.

Ukraine: Lavrov attacked Macron, quoting a French journalist on CNews.

POOL News via Reuters

Sergei Lavrov on February 21, 2022 in Moscow.

War in Ukraine – “Russia is not attacked, it is occupied”, launched this Wednesday, March 2, by Emmanuel Macron TV address On War in Ukraine. But to the head of Russian diplomacy Sergei LavrovThe truth is elsewhere.

During an online conference on Thursday, the Russian foreign minister accused Western nations of thinking about nuclear war – while Vladimir Putin said so. Inhibitors On February 27, the Russian military issued a special war alert – and criticized the French view of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, especially in the region. Donbass.

“President Macron has spoken out and said Zhelensky should not be blamed [le président ukrainien]”Sergei Lavrov, without quoting, said before quoting journalist Ann-Lrez Bonal.” […] Donbass, who went to schools, released his observations about the shelling of schools, the murders of two women who worked in these schools, and called on Westerners to face the truth. She was not allowed to publish.

On Tuesday, Anne-Lore Bonnell made a significant intervention in the Pascal Pratt film, with violent films. CNewsAs explained Freeze the frames The series was widely aired on social media, with many accounts calling it “hidden facts from us.”

“I do not defend Putin.”

“Look at this teacher, are you cutting her in half there? They are Ukrainian forces, ”said a journalist who visited the Donbass region in 2015 to discuss the conflict between the Ukrainian regime on the one hand and pro-Russian and pro-Moscow separatists on the other.

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The conflict in this regional situation in the eastern tip of Ukraine has been going on since 2014 and annexed Crimea to Russia. Prior to the fighting in February, the UN estimates that more than 14,000 people were killed, 25,000 injured and 1.5 million displaced. The statistics say. From her experience in this field, Anne-Lore drew the Bonal documentary Donbass.

Through Donbass’s video conference, the journalist declares that “there is no political news” and then declares that “we have been talking about this conflict for a week, but it has been going on for 8 years”. “I do not defend Putin,” he told the Associated Press.

“True but dramatically naive”

For the newspaper’s Moscow correspondent Benoit Witkin The world, The journalist in his intervention explains that this conflict is neither hidden nor concealed from the Western people. “Obviously there has been a war in Donbass for 8 years and it is well documented,” he begins in a thread on Twitter. “Only those who discover it today can blame themselves.” In fact, though inside The world, Release, Le Picaro Or Art, Since 2014, there have been numerous reports and investigations into the armed conflict in Donbass, where people have been stranded for a while.

“From [2014], There are bombings on both sides, says Benoit Witkin. Civilians on both sides are suffering and dying. Maybe a little more separatist, and more urbanized. Anne-Laure Bonnel’s views on the existence of a conflict that caused death were not questioned, although she noted that “there was a problem with AL Bonnel” who allegedly conducted the conflict in a partisan and partisan manner. Donbass.

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For that Albert London Prize 2019Documentary DonbassPublished in 2017, “Arguably heartbreaking but dramatically naive” he provokes an Anne-Lore phone “in separatist territories … by authorities from similar territories … […] In the film, we heard witnesses being questioned, not journalists.

In addition, the testimonies of “a beheaded pregnant woman, beheaded pensioners, mass executions …” were “repeatedly removed”, he explains, “myths made by Russian television and the guides of the AL phone make it magical.”

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