June 24, 2024

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United States: A Cowboy Performs a Real “Urban Rodeo” in Michigan (VIDEO)

United States: A Cowboy Performs a Real “Urban Rodeo” in Michigan (VIDEO)

Michigan Police (United States) released a video shot by one of its patrol officers showing a cowboy chasing a cow on his horse along the Interstate-75 freeway.

Unusual pictures. While the cars were driving at full speed, a cowboy from Michigan set off on horseback after a cow, not hesitating to cross the road to follow the animal.

In footage released by police in the northeastern US state, the cow can be seen moving dangerously along the highway while the cowboy tries his best to catch it with his lasso.

The police call a cowherd

According to police, the animal first got stuck in a quarry off the road. Once freed, the frightened animal immediately ran towards the nearby highway. Fearing disaster, the agents wanted to call a cowboy to capture the beast.

Fortunately, the animal and the cowboy fear more than harm. According to a letter released by Michigan police, the man was finally able to catch the animal and bring it back to its enclosure, unharmed.

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