May 23, 2024

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US Army show on Rammstein’s US base in Germany

US Army show on Rammstein’s US base in Germany

“Ukraine clearly thinks they can win. Everyone here is too.” This is how US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin expressed the mood of the participants at the start of a multilateral meeting on Tuesday, April 26, at the US airport in Rammstein, west of Germany. .

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Nearly forty states were represented in this unprecedented forum, bringing together many NATO members, but also Asia and the Middle East. Two months after the start of the war launched by Russia, the aim is to collectively assess Ukraine’s military needs and record the high probability of a protracted conflict. Lloyd Austin summarized in a formula: “Help strengthen the arsenal of Ukrainian democracy.”

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Since the beginning of the conflict, nearly $ 5 billion (4. 4.7 billion) worth of military equipment has been supplied to Ukraine by the United States and its allies. Including $ 3.7 billion from Washington. “We must act at the speed of war.”Lloyd Austin noted Tuesday. During his press conference, he said The liaison team in Ukraine meets monthly, face-to-face or online to continue to coordinate this support effort. The United States insists that the distribution of these weapons is being carried out at an unprecedented pace. Only 72 hours pass between the moment the new installment is verified by Joe Biden and their actual reception in Ukraine.

The meeting was scheduled for April 24 following the visit of Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. Attendance is highly confidential for security reasons. After the two leaders came out of Ukraine, later released videos and photos showed a strong complicity not only in politics but also in man.

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The relationship between Lloyd Austin and Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Resnikov, as well as the daily bilateral contacts that attended Rammstein’s foothills on Tuesday, have helped put Ukraine’s fate at the center of US policy. Officially, the strategy from the beginning of the war was the same: sanctions against Russia, consultations with allies, arms distribution, but no direct military involvement on the ground.

“We want to see Russia weaken.”

In practice, these lines are not so clear. Joe Biden, who visited Warsaw on March 26, announced that he was Vladimir Putin “No. [pouvait] Can not be in powerThis updated report was misunderstood by his advisers because it provoked Russia’s anger over the Western conspiracy for regime change.

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