Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Useful information. Roads impassable in some places, schools closed in Baida on Tuesday morning, even liquor vendors barred from selling liquor


Another restless night, the situation in New Caledonia has been tense in recent days. Some schools are closed and in Paita, one of them was burnt down. Liquor vendors are no longer allowed to sell alcohol. The Lacourt Colonial House in Fonwahry was gutted last night. Here’s NC’s practice information for Tuesday, June 25.

New fires tonight: at the Jean-Baptiste-Gustin school in Paita and at the colonial house in Fonwarhi. Significant and growing bottlenecks on some roads. Schools in Païta and several towns in the Bush region are closed. In Noumea, some schools have reopened, while others have not. The air bridge between Magenta Aerodrome and Tonduta Airport is being maintained this Tuesday. And liquor dealers are not allowed to sell liquor from this morning… NC la 1Time This lists practical information for Tuesday, June 25.

Here is the practical information to follow.

Gunshots were heard in Saint-Louis at around 8:30 this Tuesday morning. Motorists turned back as the police barricaded the road.

Below is a developing waypoint.

The air bridge between Magenta Aerodrome in Noumea and Tonduta Airport in Paita is being maintained for this Tuesday.

This Tuesday is a holiday for many schools Read here.

  • In Dumbia
    All institutions, primary and secondary. At the end of the day, Monday, City Hall adds to it All public primary schools in Dumbia will be closed until Wednesday 26 June As more roads are blocked and not cleared”.
  • Resumption at Dick-Ukeiwë High School in Dumbéa has been postponed until July 1.
  • In Paita
    All establishments are closed. Jean-Baptiste-Gustin school burned down last night. For public schools, it is valid till Wednesday. Municipal services and town hall are closed.

  • In Noumea
    Serge-Laigle School reopens today. Schools are closed in Vallee-du-Tir, Nouville, Rivière-Salée, Ducos and Montravel. Closures are also maintained for Guy-Chammporeau at Tuband, Adrienne-Lomont at Saint-Quentin, Mathilde-Broquet at Portes de Fer and Albert-Perraud at Magenta Aerodrome.
    Normandy College is open this Tuesday morning.
    Tuband College, which is open this Monday, will be closed this Tuesday.
    And as part of the back-to-school process, only reopening for Rivière-Salée and Kaméré colleges from July 1.
    Normandy, Portes de Fer, Pateaux, Magenta and Mariotti Colleges in Noumea are open.
    For high schools, Jules-Garnier, Escoffier and Lapérouse are open.
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  • In Mont-Torre
    Six out of thirteen public schools in the city remain closed until further notice. As a reminder, these are the following institutions: Saint-Michel School Group, La Rizière Primary School, Les Coccinelles Nursery School, La Briqueterie School Group, Vallon-Dore Primary School, Les Dauphins Nursery School.
    On the other hand, the La Croix du sud school group in Plum reopens its doors to schoolchildren from Wednesday 26 June.
    Boulari College in Mont-Torre is open.
    Mont-Torre Public High School plans to reopen on July 1.

The information is due this Tuesday but schools are closed on Monday” JUntil further notice“.

This Tuesday, Sarremia’s schools and town hall will be closed. Access from below Sarramea is cut off by a dam. The Lacourt Colonial House in Fonwahry was engulfed in smoke last night.

Mointo School Closure.

  • To Theo
    Town Hall informs Theo schools will be closed until further notice.
    Due to security and logistical reasons, Theo Public College is closed until further notice.
  • On the yacht
    Schools were also closed there. In light of the nationwide back-to-school shutdown, Yate College will not reopen until further notice “For security and logistical reasons”.
  • In Northern Province
    In the north, CASE (Communities of Schools and Education Alliances) of Puwakatra, especially around Baganda College in Kala-Komen, is postponing the start of its establishments.At a later date“, substituted for June 24.”Education will continue until further notice.
    Resumption from July 1 only for Cone, Gaumack and Boya Colleges.
    For safety and logistical reasons, the following colleges will be closed until further notice: Poindimié, Canala, Hienghene, Houaïlou and Ouégoa. The same goes for Michel-Rocard High School in Pouembo, Antoine-Kela High School in Poindimié and Augustin-Die High School in Touho.
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Government information here.

The High Commission announced on Monday evening: “Due to a significant number of liquor rioters, the exceptional authorization to sell liquor under conditions by liquor dealers was withdrawn at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, June 25.”

A curfew is in effect across New Caledonia. Until July 1, travel is prohibited from 8 pm to 6 am. Carrying and carrying of weapons is prohibited.

  • Air Caledonia
    Lifou Airport was closed this weekend after a tarmac incursion caused damage. Read here.
  • Sea ships
    Here are the timetables for ocean liners between Mont-Torre and Noumea today

  • Buses
    Tanéo and school transport networks in the Noumea metropolitan area maintain the suspension of their service. Reason: Significant security flaw. It is said that there will be disruption till September.
    The Raï network, too, has not resumed the circulation of its buses in Busch. They operate in Lifou.

Information about scheduled consultations at the hospital. Consultations in all hospital departments, including oncology, for chemotherapy have been suspended. Each patient will be contacted by phone to reschedule an appointment. Visits have also been suspended.

  • Counseling for Dialysis Patients

Due to the renewed violence, dialysis centers in Greater Noumea could not open their doors on Monday. Meanwhile, groups are reminding their patients Good manners to follow, read here.

Municipal services and town hall are closed.

Apart from the schools, the recycling center is also closed.

platform www.urgence-eco.nc Coordinates relief activities.

  • Directed by the Competition Commission

  • Grants for Southern Province Students
    New aid campaign for Southern students in face of current crisis. It will be open till July 31. “This is an exceptional campaignBlue House announces, Families with resources above the usual limits are now aiming to claim aid for their children’s higher education. This assistance will cover the second semester of 2024 for studies in New Caledonia and the 2024-2025 academic year for studies outside New Caledonia.”
  • Specific area unemployment
  • State Solidarity Fund
  • faced a decline in performance
  • Support from banks
  • Credit mediation
  • Insurance support
  • Time limit for payment of tax
  • Payment deadlines for social security contributions
  • Deferral of electricity bills
  • “Unitary Division” of Govt.
    Since last Friday, the government’s toll-free number, online form and dedicated email address for food emergencies are not functional.
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