February 24, 2024

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Venice prohibits speakers, stops on bridges and tour groups of more than 25 people

Venice prohibits speakers, stops on bridges and tour groups of more than 25 people


The city of Venice has announced it will limit the number of tourist walking groups to 25 people and ban the use of loudspeakers in its latest effort to combat mass tourism.

Groups will also be prohibited from stopping in narrow streets, on bridges, or in lanes.

A statement on Venice's website said the new regulations, which restrict tourist activities in the overcrowded city, will come into force in the historic center as well as the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello in June 2024.

“Groups cannot exceed 25 people, which is half the number of passengers on a tour bus. It is also prohibited to use loudspeakers, which may cause confusion and inconvenience.

The decision must be presented to the city council before it is implemented.

Security Council member Elisabetta Pace described the project as “an important measure aimed at improving the management of collections” as well as “promoting sustainable tourism and ensuring the protection and safety of the city.”

Venice museums already limit the number of collections to 25 people.

Simone Venturini, the city's tourism advisor, said that this step is part of a broader framework of interventions aimed at improving tourism management in Venice, and achieving a better balance between the needs of residents and the needs of visitors.

The new rules will come into effect two months after a trial visit fee of €5 ($5.40) was introduced for day travelers to the city.

This also comes after the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommended last July that Venice be added to the list of heritage risks.

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UNESCO called on the Italian government to “ensure maximum dedication” to addressing “long-standing problems” in the city.

The popular tourist destination has been grappling for years with too many visitors and the effects of climate change.