May 29, 2023

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Video. Big scare on takeoff: The pilot of this A380 lost control of the plane due to an unseen phenomenon.

Due to this, the passengers traveling in the plane are very scared.

This Tuesday, March 28, 2023, a Airbus A380 An Asiana Airlines flight took off from Los Angeles Airport (USA). Its pilot lost control.

The flight can be seen in a video from the LA Flights YouTube channel Leaning left and right menacingly, obviously can’t do anything without people in the cockpit. However, the weather conditions seemed favorable to ensure a safe take-off.

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“Visual Turmoil”

According to Squeeze the lemon In this case, plane A A rare and invisible phenomenon Called “Wake Turbulence” (“Wake Turbulence”, in French). This is made possible by sufficient wind and two close take-offs. In fact, this phenomenon is partly caused by disturbances in the atmosphere caused by the recent passage of another jet.

Allowing for departure is sufficient to prevent this phenomenon from occurring. In this case, this deadline is not respected. Airports are often criticized for ignoring these waiting times to maximize their capacity.

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