Sunday, July 21, 2024

Video: Merry-Go-Round threatens to collapse as it moves, with spectators blocking it


Many intervened to confirm an attraction during a fun exhibition in Michigan, USA last Thursday. Many participants were on board threatening that the ride would collapse.

The party may have turned into a tragedy in the state of Michigan (USA) on Thursday, July 8th. U.S. media report that despite a dozen people climbing into a gravity, the happy tour began to take a dangerous turn TMZ. Gravity, also known as the “Magic Carpet Ride”, rotates in circles on a single axis as participants sit in the basket. Except this Thursday, the merry-go-round retreated until it threatened to gradually deviate from its axis.

“The merry-go-round starts, I think it’s hard to say when you’ve been in the air. But it’s so violent, and I can tell you that you felt it. Tremor” testified to the press. People One of the people in the “Magic Carpet Ride” basket at the time of the incident. Like her, dozens of participants began to call for help, realizing that there was something wrong with going to happiness.

A heroic spectator

It was at this point that one of the exhibitors rushed towards the bottom of the merry-go-round and put his full weight on the barrier and tried to stabilize it. Many passers-by following a movement. The attraction finally stopped, giving relief to everyone who was there. No one involved in the merry-go-round was injured.

Following the incident, the director of National Cherry Day pointed out that the “magic carpet” had been removed and returned to its manufacturer for verification before making sure the rides were “inspected on a daily basis”. For now, the ride makers have not been contacted about the causes of this crash, which has created more fear than harm.

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