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Video. Swelling caused by the passage of Cyclone Beryl invades the streets of St-Luce


The first significant effects of Hurricane Beryl’s passage south of the West Indies are being felt in Martinique. In addition to the heavy rain, flash flooding is strong in coastal areas, particularly in St-Luce, where water rises and threatens homes.

Martinique was relatively spared the passage of Hurricane Beryl, a category 4. Moving rapidly west-northwestward at an average speed of 31 km/h, the center of the cyclone was located about 200 km south of the island at 12 noon.

Despite the distance, the first significant effects are already felt. In addition to significant rainfall, swells are particularly strong along the coast of Martinique. The Météo-France service predicts “Localized inundation may be observed due to sea invasion of some beaches or adjacent roads”.

This is especially the case in the town of Sainte-Luce, located in the south of the territory, where the beach is lined with restaurants and private houses. At this time, the residents protest by closing the doors of their houses, but if the swelling increases they will no longer be dry.

Météo-France’s forecasts are not optimistic. “On the south coast, between St-Anne and Le Diamond, average lows could reach 2m 50 to 3m 50.”

This means infrastructure along the coastline could be damaged. However, an improvement in sea levels is expected overnight, providing potential respite for residents and infrastructure.

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