April 15, 2024

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Virginia Tech coaches got stuck in the lift before the second half with a loss to Old Dominion

Virginia Tech coaches got stuck in the lift before the second half with a loss to Old Dominion

The first half during Virginia Tech’s visit to Old Dominion lasted over 30 minutes because Tech’s coaching staff couldn’t get back into their practice box.

Hokies coaches got stuck in an elevator at SB Ballard in Old Dominion as they returned from the locker room after the break. With no coaches in the penalty area, the match had to be postponed until they got off the elevator.

The delay lasted just over 15 minutes and ended up delaying Virginia Tech’s loss. Old Dominion won the match 20-17 after Blake Watson scored 33 seconds to give the Monarchs the lead.

Old Dominion picked the new Virginia Tech QB Grant Wells four times and sealed the deal with the final pick in the last seconds. Virginia Tech only had 30 seconds for a potential field goal to hook the game after wasting 28 seconds before calling a timeout once Old Dominion hit the Virginia Tech end zone arena with 1:09 to go.

The elevator problem wasn’t the only weird thing that happened in Norfolk on a Friday night. Old Dominion’s only touchdown in the first half came in a shocking shot for a field goal attempt from Virginia Tech. Robert Kennedy III finally took the stray shot after Virginia Tech’s attempt to recover it failed and the ball ran into the end zone.

The game was the first of a 10-year contract between the two schools to switch home games. It’s also the second win over the Power Five in Old Dominion history. The first came in 2018 when the Monarchs beat Virginia Tech 49-35 in Norfolk.

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Virginia Tech coach Brent Bree wasn’t too happy because his coaching staff got stuck in an elevator Friday night. (via ESPNU)