Thursday, July 25, 2024

Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine’s secret service of being behind the Crimean bridge blast


Moscow blames “significant increase” in Ukrainian fire on its territory

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation notes that Ukrainian fire has intensified targeting Russian territories bordering Ukraine. “Since the beginning of October, the number of attacks by Ukrainian armed forces against Russia’s border areas has increased significantly”The FSB writes that it is also responsible for border control, a contacted. It covers all of Belgorod on the Kharkiv border, where Kiev’s forces have retaken thousands of square kilometers of territory since early September, including up to the border. According to the FSB, the Russian regions of Bryansk and Kursk were also targeted.

“In the past week, more than a hundred bombings have been recorded in thirty-two localities using multiple rocket launcher systems, artillery, mortars and drones”, he continues. According to the FSB, A “People were killed, five injured, including a child.” Among these Ukrainian bombings, it destroyed two power stations, eleven residential buildings and two administrative buildings. According to the same source, eight border checkpoints were also damaged.

Roman Starovoit, the governor of the Kursk region, accused Ukrainian forces of shelling the monastery of Saint Nicholas of Kornal along the border on Sunday. “There was no casualty. A shell hit the building and the fire was quickly extinguished.He wrote in a telegram, backing up his words with photos of the damaged roof and wall.

Russian territories have already been targeted several times in the past seven months. On September 12, a strike at a Russian border crossing left one dead and four injured and damaged homes and power lines. In July, the Russian military accused Kuve of firing three missiles at the city of Belgorod. In April, according to Russia, an oil depot 40 kilometers from the border was attacked by Ukrainian helicopters.

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