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Vladimir Putin. British army chief denies rumors about Russian president’s health


Chief of Armed Forces BritishAdmiral Tony took on the rumors about Radak’s health Russian President Vladimir Putin Or he may be assassinated.

“I think he really has some ideas about [Poutine] I think it’s wishful thinking that he’s either ill or he ends up murdering. said on Friday July 15 BBC Tony Radakin, an interview broadcast on Sunday July 17, 2022.

Rumors about the health of Vladimir Putin, who turned 70 in October, are unverifiable.

“The challenge posed by Russia will persist”

“As military experts, we see a relatively stable regime in Russia, and President Putin has been able to quell any opposition. […] And no one at the top has the drive to challenge him.” He argued.

According to him, “The challenge posed by Russia will persist” When possible “Decades of Threat Based” And the Prime Minister succeeding Boris Johnson, who resigned, should know that Russia “The Greatest Threat” to England.

Tony Radakin said BBC That the Ukrainian army “absolutely” She was sure she was going to win A war started by an invasion of the country By Russia in February.

According to British military estimates, Russia “Lost more than 30% of its ground combat effectiveness”.

“50,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded in the conflict, nearly 1,700 Russian tanks were destroyed, and nearly 4,000 Russian-owned armored vehicles were destroyed.” Tony Radakin said.

Refusal to investigate

The situation in Ukraine will dominate the military accounts of the incoming prime minister, who will replace Boris Johnson in September. “Then we must remind the Prime Minister of the extraordinary responsibility he has with Britain as a nuclear power.”

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Tony was also questioned about Radak’s trial BBC He revealed this week that he is a commando Special Air Service (SAS), British special forces, killed at least 54 people under suspicious circumstances in Afghanistan, facts hidden by their hierarchy.

The military police have already confirmed that “It won’t happen”, But if new concrete evidence emerges it will reconsider the question, Tony Radakin tweeted.

Vladimir Putin. British army chief denies rumors about Russian president’s health