June 16, 2024

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Waiting up to 20 hours and queuing 10 kilometers to cross the Georgia border…

Waiting up to 20 hours and queuing 10 kilometers to cross the Georgia border…

3:04 pm .: Revival has called for a commission of inquiry into possible “Russian funding” of parties.

Eight Renaissance delegates asked the Assembly to open a commission of inquiry into the possible “Russian financing” of French parties, after the publication of US information which reported that Russia had paid hundreds of millions of euros in several countries. In a press release published on Saturday, these representatives of the presidential party refer to a letter sent the previous day to the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, in which they justify the instruction of such an investigation given its seriousness. facts” and the information thus established “will be brought to the attention of French citizens and our justice system”.

It was, they detailed, “to find out which French political parties – and which parties – have benefited from Russian funding”. They include “positions taken in favor of Russia by several leading French political leaders”, as well as “loans contracted to finance election campaigns and amounts still to be paid after several years” or “the appointment of former French parliamentarians and ministers into Russian institutions.”

According to a US intelligence document made public on September 13, Russia has paid hundreds of millions of euros since 2014 to political parties in several countries with the aim of increasing its influence and influencing elections. On Friday, the National Rally, which financed its election campaigns with loans from Russian banks but denied any cooperation with the Kremlin, declared that “a similar commission of inquiry is needed to clarify the nature of the contacts between some of the elected representatives of the majority president”. Election and Qatar”, between China or Amazon and Uber.

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