May 30, 2024

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War in Live Ukraine: Russia does not support the creation of a demilitarized zone around the Zaporizhia power plant

War in Live Ukraine: Russia does not support the creation of a demilitarized zone around the Zaporizhia power plant


Two export ships will leave Ukraine this Friday, according to the Kyiv Independent

The Joint Grain Export Coordination Center said the ship Star Lara will transport 60,150 tons of corn to an Iranian port, and Chormovsky 121 will carry 3,050 tons of wheat to a Turkish port, according to a prominent Ukrainian newspaper, Dzerkalo Tyznia.

12:58 p.m

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, indicative estimates of casualties in Russia’s war on August 12

12:50 p.m

The Netherlands joins the formation of the Ukrainian army

The Netherlands has joined a UK-led training program to help Ukrainian military personnel master new weapons and improve their combat skills, according to Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

12:42 p.m

Ukraine has called on the US to impose sanctions on all Russian banks

According to Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, Kyiv wants the United States to add several banks a week to its list of sanctioned financial institutions, according to Bloomberg.

12:37 p.m

Russia does not support the creation of a demilitarized zone around the Zaporizhia power plant

Vasyl Nebenzia, Russia’s representative to the UN, opposed the establishment of the demilitarized zone and said “militarization of the station will harm those who want to visit it. No one knows what their goals and intentions will be. We cannot exclude possible provocations, terrorist attacks against the station, we must protect it.


43,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the conflict

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, nearly 43,000 Russian soldiers died during the conflict that began on February 24. Nearly 1,849 tanks and 975 artillery systems were also destroyed.


Seven British cities are vying to host Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine

The BBC announced on Friday that seven British cities had been chosen to host the next Eurovision Song Contest, which the UK will host on behalf of Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield were chosen from the twenty cities that expressed interest in hosting the iconic competition. Results will be announced in the fall.


EU “united” in support of Ukraine

Anne-Claire Legendre reaffirmed the “solidarity of the European Union” in support of Ukraine since February 24, amid Russia’s conflict over Ukraine.


“Dialogue must be maintained”

“The origin of the danger of this plant is Russian aggression. (…) Despite everything, the path of dialogue must be maintained, there will come a time when the negotiation phase will become necessary,” pointed out the spokesperson of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.



Zelensky welcomes help from “friendly countries”.

In his daily address Thursday evening, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked “allies who are helping to meet the humanitarian needs created by this war.”


The east and southeast are still dead

Nikopol in southeastern Ukraine, about a hundred kilometers from Zaporijjia, on the other side of the Dnieper, governor Valentyn Reznichenko in nighttime launches that killed three and wounded nine. Russian Grad multiple rockets.

To the east, in the Donbass mining basin, Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk region’s military administration, announced this morning that 11 civilians had been killed in the past 24 hours.


Zaporijjia: “These incidents will lead to a disaster”, UN

“Unfortunately, rather than escalating, more alarming incidents have been reported in recent days that could lead to catastrophe if they continue,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday. About the plant and the situation around it.”

“It must be clear that damage to Zaporizhia or any other nuclear site in Ukraine or anywhere else could have catastrophic consequences not only nearby, but regionally and beyond. This is completely unacceptable,” he stressed.


Zaporizhia: International Atomic Energy Agency requests access as soon as possible

The site of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest, was bombed again on Thursday, with Ukraine and Russia blaming each other, while the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency called for access “as quickly as possible” at an emergency meeting. Security Council. “The situation is very serious and the IAEA must be empowered to quickly implement its work in Zaporizhia,” International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Grossi asked before.

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This live welcome to the war in Ukraine as it enters its 170th day.