June 19, 2024

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War in Ukraine: Azov Brigade Says Many Russian Soldiers Are Leaving Their Position in Baghmouth

War in Ukraine: Azov Brigade Says Many Russian Soldiers Are Leaving Their Position in Baghmouth

Both the paramilitary group Wagner and, on the Ukrainian side, the Azov Regiment, claim Russian troops have left Bagmouth.

A third Ukrainian assault brigade, Azov, was added after the sub-army group Wagner’s charges. In a statement released overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, the unit of the Ukrainian National Guard said: “It’s official. Prigozhin’s report about the escape of the Russian 72nd Motor Rifle Brigade near Bagmouth and ‘500 Russian corpses’. True”. Two structures actually say that many soldiers of the Russian army are currently leaving their positions.

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Moscow has not yet commented on the allegations. Also, news agency Reuters No aircraft of soldiers from the region could be tracked. For his part, Andrei Piletsky, one of the founders of the Azov regiment, said in a video that his troops “defeated” the 72nd motorized rifle regiment.

Andriy Piletsky of Ukraine’s 3rd Separate Assault Brigade reported a counterattack on the southern flank of the front near Pakmut. The 72nd reported the defeat of two companies of the Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade. Prigozhin spoke about the withdrawal of this unit today. pic.twitter.com/TOiEBT3hrT

— IanMatveev (@ian_matveev) May 9, 2023

“In fact, the 6th and 7th platoons of this regiment were almost completely destroyed, the intelligence of the regiment was destroyed, a large number of combat vehicles were destroyed, and a considerable number of prisoners were taken,” the person concerned reported.

“They left their posts”

The brigade was founded in 2014 by far-right ultra-nationalist activists as a paramilitary unit at the start of the war against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. The organization was incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine.

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For his part, this Tuesday, May 9, the head of the paramilitary group, Wagner, accused the soldiers of the Russian regular army of leaving their positions in Baghmouth, the epicenter of the fighting in eastern Ukraine, and accused the government of not being able to. To protect Russia. “Today (Tuesday) a unit of the Ministry of Defense escaped from our flank. […] They left their positions, they all ran away,” Yevgeny Prigozhin alleged in a video. telegram. When Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw a military parade in Moscow commemorating victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, he asked, “Why can’t the government protect the country?” he repeated.