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War in Ukraine – British Army chief considers need to prepare for World War III: “There is an urgent need to build an army capable of defeating Russia”


Britain’s new military commander, General Patrick Sanders, has said that his troops will soon have to “fight back in Europe” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Gen. Patrick Sanders told troops that the United Kingdom must have a warlike armed force in Europe and must prevail over Russia, several local media outlets reported on Sunday. Dailymail.

The new commander of the British Army pointed out to his troops that “after 1941, I was the first person in Europe to assume the leadership of an army that included a continental force in the shadow of a land war.”

The new leader of the British Army says it is time to prepare for World War III: “It is now imperative that we fight with our allies and build an army capable of defeating Russia in war.”

– Mark Mackinnon (markmackinnon) June 19, 2022

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine underscores our primary objective: to protect the United Kingdom by preparing to fight and win the land wars … because Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a new era of insecurity,” he added. Just a few weeks ago the staff of the British Army. “There is an urgent need to build an army that can fight alongside our allies and defeat Russia in war.”

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has openly supported Ukraine since the Russian invasion, but has so far rejected the idea of ​​sending British troops to the ground to help Kiev.

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However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat London. “We have no weapon for a long war,” he said.

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