April 23, 2024

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War in Ukraine: Call for “immediate” evacuation of civilians from Kherson as Ukrainians fear nuclear attack

War in Ukraine: Call for “immediate” evacuation of civilians from Kherson as Ukrainians fear nuclear attack

A tense situation prevails on the Kherson side. Citizens were urged to leave.

Pro-Russian authorities in southern Ukraine’s Kherson region have called on civilians to leave “immediately”.

“All citizens of Kherson must leave the city immediately”The pro-Russian occupation administration in the region said in a telegram. “Tense Situation Ahead” And “Increased Risk of Mass Bombings”, related to BFM-TV.

“All the bodies of authority in the city, the civil and military administration, all the ministries move to the left bank” Kherson borders the Dnieper River, Vladimir Zalto, head of the Russian occupation administration, said on Wednesday.

Strategic site of Khakovka power station

All eyes are on the Kagovka hydroelectric power station, a very strategic location. Russia and Ukraine have been accusing each other of wanting to destroy the dam. If the dam bursts, the city of Kherson would be flooded with severe damage.

According to the Ukrainian ambassador in Paris, Russia’s Vadim Omelchenko, faced with repeated setbacks by its military, is preparing a massive offensive.

He fears the destruction of the Kakoa Dam and even a nuclear strike to “flood the territories”.https://t.co/O6eIlgZKiI

— The Parisian (@le_Parisian) October 22, 2022

Ukraine’s ambassador to France, Vadim Omelchenko, is concerned about the possibility of a nuclear attack on the disputed city of Kherson between Ukrainian and Russian forces. said in an interview to Parisian “No one can rule out the possibility of a tactical nuclear attack on Kherson when Ukrainian troops enter the city. »

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Ukraine said on Friday it had recaptured 88 positions in the Kherson region from Russian forces.

Several Russian bombings also took place on Saturday. At least two people died in the city of Shebekino, particularly in the Russian region of Belgorod, which borders Ukraine.

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