April 19, 2024

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War in Ukraine: Gelensky calls on his country to join the EU “without delay”

War in Ukraine: Gelensky calls on his country to join the EU “without delay”


Global markets have been hit hard by new sanctions against Russia

World markets were red again on Monday morning, raising fears that energy prices could rise, which could strengthen current inflation following new sanctions imposed on Russia.

European stock markets fell at 9:55 am (Paris time): Frankfurt lost 2.39%, Paris 3.05%, Milan 2.59% and London 1.54%.

Asian markets – Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong – are more flexible.


Who are the Russian oligarchs?


Italy “strongly” encourages its citizens to leave Russia

Rome on Monday “strongly recommended” leaving Russia on any available mode of transport, the day after the EU’s decision to close its airspace to allow Russian flights.


Sarkozy sent as mediator to Ukraine?


Video conference of NATO and Ukraine allies

Emmanuel Macron will attend a video conference on Monday afternoon with leaders of the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland and Romania, as well as representatives of the European Union and NATO. Partners ”refers to the conflict in Ukraine, referring to Elysée.


More than 100 Ukrainian civilians were killed, including seven children

According to the United Nations, 102 civilians were killed in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Thursday. They have at least seven children. The organization mourns the 304 injured civilians and said the number is temporary. “Real numbers, I fear, are significantly higher,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet at the start of the Human Rights Council, which you can follow below.



“Put your weapons down”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has called on Russian troops to end the war.

9.00 am

Ukraine wants to join the EU “without delay”

Ukraine on Monday called on its president, Volodymyr Zhelensky, to coordinate with the EU “without delay” through a new special procedure.


With the nuclear threat, London says Putin is “seeking to impress.”

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday that Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat did not make a “significant change” in Russia’s defense strategy. In an interview with LBC Radio, Ben Wallace believes this is a way to “try to impress” the Russian president.


Kiev demands “immediate” ceasefire, Ukrainian delegation for talks in Belarus


Urgent debate in the Human Rights Council

UN Security Council calls for immediate end to hostilities in Ukraine


Zemmour “likes” that Ukrainians are “more in Poland” than they are in France.

The far-right presidential candidate hopes the arrival of Ukrainian refugees on RTL on Monday will “destabilize France, which is already mired in immigration.” “He wants them to be in Poland,” he says, “to be helped.” You can see all the reactions of the presidential candidates We are directly committed to the election.


Moscow wants to find a “deal” with Ukraine



The Russians claim that there is a nuclear power plant in Dnieper

Earlier in the day, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed that Russian forces had taken full control of the area around the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, near the Black Sea in Dnieper. “Nuclear power plant workers continue to operate the plant and monitor the radiation levels as usual,” said Igor Konashenkov.


France sends 33 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukrainians

The French government has sent 33 tons of humanitarian aid to Poland to help the Ukrainians, Interior Minister Gerald Dormann announced Monday, France 2. More than 30 tons of goods will go to Moldova at the beginning of the week. He explains that these are “tents, medicine, food”, “everything that helps to welcome people in the best possible circumstances”. Two “drug-laden” civil defense planes are scheduled to depart for Poland on Monday.


Russia demands ‘air dominance’ over Ukraine

The Russian military claims “air dominance” over Ukrainian airspace.


Kiev people “can leave the city freely”

Residents of Kiev “can leave the city freely”, according to the Russian military, which accuses Ukrainian authorities of using the remaining people in the capital as a “human shield”.


“I’m ready to fight”



The “most important steps” to “prevent cyber-attacks” are laid out


Aiming to facilitate asylum for Ukrainians

EU members will vote on Thursday on “temporary protection for all Ukrainians coming to Europe.” Facilitates the asylum application process The latter, says Gerald Durman.


Russia “slows down attack”

Ukraine says Russia has “slowed down its offensive”.


According to Gerald Thorman, “everything did not go as planned for the Russians.”

“It is necessary to imagine a communications war around the Ukrainian conflict. Everything did not go as planned for the Russians (…). Interior Minister Gerald Dormann’s France 2, who is attending this Monday’s Security Council meeting organized by Emmanuel Macron, commented.