May 29, 2023

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War in Ukraine: Overnight 36 missiles rain down on Kherson in “one of the most powerful Ukrainian offensives” since the start of the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian forces launched a major overnight offensive on the occupied city of Kherson (in the south of the country) from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Kyiv artillery fired no less than 36 rockets on the Kherson region (south of the country) on the night of July 26-27. The Russian press agency said it was one of the most powerful Ukrainian airstrikes in Moscow’s military-held territory since the Russian invasion began on February 24. mug Quoting the deputy head of the military-civilian administration set up by the Russian army in the Kherson region,

Three explosions

“Three salvos were fired for a total of 36 missiles”, explains Kirill Stremosov. It is “One of the most powerful missile strikes launched in the Kherson region” He agrees. The attack consisted of six shots from American Himars rocket launchers or three launches from the American MLRS M270 or Franco-German Mars II.

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But “it’s clearAccording to him, “Most of the Ukrainian missiles were shot down by air defenses.” Russian He further denies that the attack hit its target and did not cause any damage to the local infrastructure or the military apparatus of the aggressor.

“Still Standing” Bridge

Also, the strategic Antonivka Bridge (motorway bridge over the Dnieper between Antonivka and Olech, upstream of Kherson and east of Kherson, connecting the northern and southern banks of the river almost 60 km downstream from the hydroelectric power station of Khakovka) “not destroyed”He assures. “I crossed the bridge today and it’s still standing,” he assures Mr. Stremousov.

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However, the deputy head of the Russian administration admitted that the bridge’s road was indeed damaged, preventing vehicles, including civilians, from using it.

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