March 28, 2023

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War in Ukraine: Russia plans strikes against civilian buildings this Wednesday, national holiday in Ukraine, US warns

Several US intelligence agencies have issued warnings. As a result, the government classified information so that it could be disseminated to as many people as possible.

This Wednesday, the War in Ukraine Entering the seventh month of the conflict. At the same time, it will celebrate its “Independence Day”. National holiday. According to several US intelligence agencies, Russia could “exploit it” to bolster attacks on civilian buildings and government infrastructure. Information classified by the US government means it reaches a wider audience.

“The Department of External Affairs has information Russia Intensifies its efforts to launch strikes against civilian infrastructure and government installationsUkraine In the next few days”A warning issued by the US embassy in Kyiv says. “Russian Attacks in Ukraine A threatens Continued for civil and civic infrastructure.”

It is clear that the Russians are preparing to attack Ukraine on August 24.

“Threat Massive shelling With the territory of Ukraine S-300 missiles is clear. Given the arrival of several trains from Russia before August 20, it is clear that the Russians are preparing to attack Ukraine on August 24.”, Ukrainian non-governmental organization Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications (Stratcom) wrote last Thursday..

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War in Ukraine: Russian military to plan “massive bombing” against Ukraine on August 24, country’s independence day

“We should know that Russia is going to try to do something particularly bad, particularly cruel this week.”, President Volodymyr Zelensky said In his address on Saturday evening.

Our colleagues from the New York Times Also mention the possibility of first sight tests held in the public square. like a MariupolA conflict-torn city.

With newly declassified intelligence, the United States is warning that Russian attacks against Ukrainian civilians and government buildings will step up in the coming days.

—Julian E. Barnes (@julianbarnes) August 23, 2022

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