June 7, 2023

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War in Ukraine: Sweden expels five Russian diplomats, Moscow warns of “response to come”.

Sweden has decided to expel five employees of the Russian embassy in Stockholm, saying their actions were incompatible with their diplomatic status, the foreign ministry announced on Tuesday.

Embassy of Russia declined to comment, but according to Doss CorporationA Russian “diplomatic source” pointed out “Undoubtedly, the answer will come.”.

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War in Ukraine: After a particularly deadly first quarter, Russian losses fell by 30% in April.

Dismissal of officers Russian intelligence services Operating under diplomatic cover has multiplied since its inception in EuropeInvasion of Ukraine In February 2022. Norway and Germany, in particular, announced similar measures this month.

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War in Ukraine: One killed, 10 wounded in “barbaric attack” at museum in Kubyansk

“Sweden has summoned the Russian ambassador and told him that five embassy staff must leave the country for actions contrary to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.”We read in a press release from the State Department.

Sweden, which wants to join NATO, is worried about Russia launching attacks like its Scandinavian neighbors, especially against energy infrastructure.

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