May 21, 2024

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War in Ukraine: Ukrainian army counterattacks near Baghmouth

War in Ukraine: Ukrainian army counterattacks near Baghmouth

Bagmouth is still the center of fighting between the Russians and the Ukrainians.

In its latest report on the situation Inside UkraineInstitute for the Study of War (ISW) saysUkrainian army Led by A Counter attack Victory is a town south-west of Ivanivsk, six kilometers west Bagmouth.

The geotagged images released on March 19 indicate, according to the American InstituteRussian army Le Monde reported that key infrastructure in eastern Ukraine was pushed beyond the T0504 highway.

A report published this Sunday points to the same “Up to March 19, Russian forces had launched 25 attacks in the Pakmut region, but Russian forces probably achieved only marginal gains.”According to Ukrainian military spokesman Col. Serhii Cherevaty.

The Institute for Combat Research believes that the pace of offensive operations by Russian forces has slowed in recent weeks, heralding Russia’s spring offensive in the Donbass. “It may be nearing its peak.”.

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Baghmouth has been the center of clashes between Russian forces and the Ukrainian army for months. The Kremlin’s army is encircling the city, trying to bring Moscow closer to its first military victory in six months, while Kiev, which appears to be considering a withdrawal, decided to defend the city some time ago. Ukrainian counterattack Size expected in spring.

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