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Washington and Taiwan begin trade talks beyond Beijing


Two days later Infiltration of thirty Chinese aircraft into Taiwan air defense zoneLives under threat of continued invasion by China, US and Taiwan Launched on Wednesday 1stEr June, Bilateral trade talks. They are violating Beijing, which considers the island one of its provinces, promising to forcibly reclaim it if necessary and refusing to allow it to enter into any official relations with foreign countries. The start of trade talks with Washington will provoke a strong reaction from the Chinese government.

US Deputy Trade Representative Sarah Pianchi meets with Taiwanese Secretary of State John Deng “Really” And launched -US-Taiwan attempt at trade on the 21ste Century, with the aim of creating concrete mechanisms for deepening Economic and trade relations, according to the US Trade Ambassador.

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To hold the first meeting “Under the auspices of Tacro in Washington later this month”, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States and the American Institute in Taiwan. Tacro represents Taiwan’s interests in the United States, acting as a practical embassy in the absence of formal diplomatic relations.

The initiative, launched on Wednesday, aims to facilitate and accept exchanges “Sound and Explicit Practices” Or to cooperate in support of environmental or climate action, as described by the U.S. Ambassador for Trade. They have too “Aim to explore arrangements to facilitate agribusiness” Or fight corruption.

“A Bonding Structure Agreement”

Washington and Taipei announced last week that they had decided to strengthen their trade ties. The United States and Taiwan have been linked by a “framework” for trade and investment since 1994.

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Taipei joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2002, which contributed to the growth of bilateral trade. In fact, the United States is Taiwan’s most important partner and arms supplier. The next stage of economic relations will be a formal trade agreement, which has long been present in a complex political environment. “I hope this initiative will lead to a bond structure agreement”An official of the U.S. administration said during a conference call with reporters.

The United States, like most countries, does not officially recognize Taiwan, but it does strongly support the island, highlighting its status. “Democratic” As opposed to what they consider “Arbitrariness” Chinese.

The initiative was launched shortly after the announcement of the new economic partnership in the Asia-Pacific region, which was announced by President Joe Biden on May 23 during a tour of Asia. Economic structure of the Indo-Pacific region (Indo-Pacific economic structureIPEF) is not a free trade agreement, but it should balance China by facilitating coordination between the signatories. Via Adoption of common standards in the digital industry, supply chains, green energy and the fight against corruption.

Beijing, which felt deliberately excluded, clarified. Washington seeks “Creating small groups in the name of freedom and transparency”, Hopefully “Contains China”He had thus criticized Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for considering the US plan “Dedication” To failure. Taiwan is not yet part of the IPEF, but a senior U.S. official said it was not excluded.

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