June 13, 2024

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Washington calls on UN experts to investigate racism in the United States

Joe Biden’s government, Wednesday, July 14, at the UN. Experts have called for an examination of the US record on the basis of racism against African-Americans, taking the opposite view of Donald Trump’s previous government.

Secretary of State Anthony Blingen welcomes the creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council, a panel of experts to investigate police violence “People of African descent” Worldwide commitment. “Responsible countries should not try to avoid evaluating their human rights record, but should invite them with the intention of improving it.”, He said in a statement.

Analysis: Racial equality is to be achieved in the United States

Two special correspondents were invited to the United States

So the head of US diplomacy told the United States two UN. Invited Special Rapporteurs, Experts on Contemporary Forms of Racial and Minority Issues, and Participation in Other Member States “This effort to combat racism, discrimination and racism”.

This position is in stark contrast to the one faced by the massive protests that rocked the United States by former Republican President Donald Trump and his allies. May 25, 2020 Death of African-American George Floyd Under the knee of a white policeman. Donald Trump denies legitimate racism in US, accuses police of violence “Bad Apples” And denied any criticism of the history of the country.

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This pose is the majority within his party. “Rather than calling on the UN to tell us how racist we are, why don’t you go and ask it to go to Cuba, where a demonic socialist regime is rushing to crush the people.”, Tweeted about Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida Suppression of historic demonstrations on Communist Island.

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