April 22, 2024

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Western outcry after Emmanuel Macron’s hypocritical actions over Taiwan

Western outcry after Emmanuel Macron’s hypocritical actions over Taiwan

Emmanuel Macron and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Guangzhou, China on Friday. YUE YUEWEI/Xinhua via AFP

The French president believes that Europe must not allow itself to be dragged into “crises that are not its own”.

In 2019 with his sentence “Brain death Nato’s Emmanuel Macron has stoked a storm among his allies after returning from China, accusing him of breaking the transatlantic alliance. Afraid that Europe would find itself in front of the pressDragged into crises that do not belong” As in Taiwan, and begins “To follow US policy out of a sort of panic reflex”French President A. who has always protected the continent “The Third Way” In the region, a Chinese war on Taiwan casts doubt on France’s attitude.

“The question for us Europeans is, are we interested in accelerating the matter?” Taiwan? No. The worst thing is to think that the Europeans should follow suit in this regard and adapt to the US rhythm and Chinese overreaction. The French president also said that Europe should reduce its dependence on the United States

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