June 14, 2024

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What do we know about the death of Daria Dukin, the daughter of an ideologue close to Vladimir Putin?

What do we know about the death of Daria Dukin, the daughter of an ideologue close to Vladimir Putin?

The daughter of Alexander Dakin, a radical Russian columnist and close to power, was killed when his vehicle exploded in what appeared to be an attack. Russian officials accuse Ukraine of being behind his death, which Kiev denies.

Russian journalist Daria Duguin died on Saturday after her car exploded in a suburb of Moscow. Russian news agency TASS reported the news on Sunday. “The crime was premeditated and ordered,” according to a Russian investigative team that claims to have found the explosive device.

· What happened?

On Saturday, around 9pm local time (8pm in Paris), Daria Douguin leaves the “Traditya” festival with the car of her father, Alexandre Douguin, who accompanies her. This influential ideologue was supposed to go up with her, but changed his mind at the last moment. He takes another vehicle and another route to return.

Her daughter, left alone, drives about forty kilometers on the expressway southwest of Moscow. Then, at the level of the small town of Bolchïe Viaziomy, his vehicle exploded and burst into flames. According to Russian officials, it was caused by an explosive placed under the car, on the driver’s side. Daria Dugin was seriously injured and died on the spot.

· Who are Daria and Alexander Dugin?

Born in 1992, Daria Daguin served as editor-in-chief of the magazine. United World International. He defended his positions after receiving British sanctions in July, accusing the United Kingdom of spreading “disinformation about Ukraine”.

He shared nationalist and anti-Ukrainian political beliefs with his father.

“She talked a lot [à la télévision] In the case of Ukraine. He fully supported this war, and he worked for the TV channel Tsargrad, which is owned by the Russian oligarchs,” explains RFI’s Russian journalist Denis Strelkov.

Alexandre Duguin, the victim’s father, was the author of several geopolitical essays. Presented by the Western media as “Putin’s Rasputin”, his theories are echoed in Russia’s recent policies: ultranationalism, anti-West or Eurasian projects.

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• A planned operation targeting the “brains of Russian ideology”.

Russian authorities have launched an investigation and are already leaning towards planned action. Eugene Berk, a former ambassador and expert on Ukraine, exposed several hypotheses on BFMTV. Ukraine, a political and military enemy, could have sponsored an attack against Alexander Dugin. There are three more possibilities.

“It could be mafia circles, but it’s unlikely,” explains Eugene Berg. “This may be an internal affair of the Russian secret services, it is possible but not conceivable. Finally, in Russia, there may be people who oppose the war. They cannot touch the responsible, well-protected, they want. Touch the brain of the ideology. [russe]”.

Alexander Dugin’s influence is felt especially in Russian positions in Ukraine. As early as 2008, the philosopher called for the annexation of Ukraine to Russia, which was indicated in 2014. BBC. An idea he confirmed many times.

Proximity to pro-Russian separatist regimes, support for the war, ideological positions: these positions could have made him a target of what Russian officials referred to as an “explosive device.”

Pro-Russian leader points finger at Q, saying Russia is ‘testing’

In Telegram, Denis Bushilin, the pro-Russian separatist leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), believes that “the terrorists of the Ukrainian regime tried to liquidate Alexander Dugin, but blew up his daughter.”

“If the Ukrainian route is confirmed […]And it should be verified by competent authorities, which will be the policy of state terror put in place by the kyiv regime,” Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, commented on her role in Telegram.

Kiev denies any involvement

The Ukrainian presidency denies any role in the death of Daria Dukin. “Undoubtedly Ukraine has nothing to do with yesterday’s bombing [smaedi soir, NDLR]Because we are not a criminal state,” Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, said during a televised intervention.

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