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What do we know about the US intelligence report on the origin of the virus?


The fog continues. In a report to Joe Biden on August 24, US intelligence services cited difficulties in accurately identifying the origins of Govt-19. It is noteworthy that China is considered the epicenter of the virus for refusing to cooperate with this international investigation. Privileged tracks, restrictions, further investigation: France Info summarizes the key lessons of this eagerly awaited report, some of which were revealed on Friday 27 August.

The hypothesis of a “biological weapon” was rejected

Some details have been leaked regarding this confidential report written by the National Intelligence Council (NIC), an organization that unites the US intelligence community. – CIA and FBI. In An unclassified note published on August 27th (Link in English), However, NIC announces a new corona virus “Not Developed as a Biological Weapon”, And inclined contrary to the hypothesis of a natural phenomenon.

“The Intelligence Council believes it [le virus] Humans may have been affected by the first small-scale infection. “Describes the summary of this report, which focuses initially on Wuhan (China) “Not after November 2019”. The NIC says the Chinese government has not done so No knowledge of the virus before the onset of early Govt-19 epidemic “. The Council thus adjudicates “Reliable” Traces of natural pollution in contact with a virus or virus-infected animal “99% Closer to SARS-Cowie-2”.

As scientists have noted, what is the hypothesis of a virus accidentally removed from the laboratory? This path is also determined “Reliable” The Wuhan Institute of Virology is also cited by NIC in its classified note. However, the tone of the speech is cautious: only one agency member of the board leans in this situation, confidently “Moderate”.

The report suffers from a number of contradictions

If NIC struggles to stay consistent on the tracks it examines, it will often not work the same way because it has access to very different information to U.S. intelligence agencies. For example, this raises a problem with the hypothesis of human evolution of the virus, which the council often denies, but no two companies still refuse, “No evidence”.

There were 90 days to complete the NIC report, Joe Biden recalled In a press release issued on Friday (Link in English). By calling for this inquiry, the US president specifically sought to distinguish himself from his predecessor, Donald Trump, he said in May 2020. Evidence that the corona virus is linked to a Chinese laboratory – Never disclose them to the public. A report that makes the Chinese government jump further complicates cooperation in the investigation of the virus.

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“Our efforts to understand the origin of this epidemic will not diminish.”, Promised Joe Biden after receiving this endless report. However, many executives in his administration believe that intelligence services are not the best way to investigate the virus. At the end of June, Avril Hines, National Director of U.S. Intelligence, One day she herself expressed serious doubts about her ability to unravel this mystery In an interview with Yahoo News (Link in English). “The best thing I can do is present the facts we know (…) As objective as possible “, She believed.

China is isolated

In addition to the divisions between its companies, the NIC justifies the difficulty in reaching clear conclusions by the approach of the Chinese government which it blames. “Intervene in the International Inquiry” And “Blame it on other countries, including the United States” As for US intelligence, it would be impossible to know more without Beijing’s cooperation, for whom the matter touches national pride.

At the end of July, after the agency was asked to audit Chinese laboratories, Xi Jinping’s administration significantly refused to allow the World Health Organization (WHO) to continue its investigation into the first cases of Govt-19. To the Chinese Minister of Health, this request a “Disrespect for public knowledge and arrogance for science”.

With regard to these sanctions, US intelligence believes “To some extent, it reflects the uncertainty of the Chinese government on the direction in which the investigation can take place and its frustration with the international community in using this issue to exert political pressure on China.”.

Competition against time to detect the origin of Sars-CoV-2

The NIC’s endless report does not guarantee WHO experts for whom research on the origin of the epidemic is concerned. “To the point of dying”. “The search for the origin of the SARS-Cowie-2 virus is at an important stage”, However, on Thursday he warned and argued with scientists appointed by the organization “The window of fire is closing quickly to hold this important investigation.”

To detect the virus, experts are actually monitoring the antibodies in the animals and the possibility of contamination before December 2019. Problem: These antibodies will disappear over time, and China’s reluctance may prevent any analysis at any given time.

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To save what can be saved in this trial, WHO President, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, holds the satisfaction card and insists that investigations are underway not only in China, but in many other countries. “We have encouraged various parties to continue this research. “ He said from Geneva on Wednesday. For now, the WHO is still sticking to the hypotheses listed in the last report released five months ago. The pathway from the SARS-Cowie-2 bats tail to humans, via the intermediate animal.



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