April 23, 2024

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What do we know about this new strain of SARS-Cowie-2 found in many countries, including France?

Summer is threatened by the spread of delta variation in Europe, which is 40 to 60% more contagious than the alpha variant (which appeared in the UK). The delta variant, first identified in India, currently represents 20% of new cases of Covit-19 found in France, Health Minister Oliver Warren has said. It is on track to dominate the old continent by the end of August, the European Division of the World Health Organization warned on July 1st. In view of this concern, when looking at another variant, the Delta Plus variant has already been found in many European countries, following the same rise.

Should we worry? How does this differ from the coming delta variant? Francinefo paints a portrait of this new variant of SARS-Cowie-2, which has already been monitored by health officials.

Originating in India, it has been classified as a “concern” by local authorities

This new strain, which continued in Europe and India in the spring, was seen in many affected populations in India in June, a country severely affected by a deadly wave in April due to delta variation. The identification of some cases of this new strain known as Delta Plus has quickly raised concerns among Indian health officials, who fear that a new epidemic will re-emerge. New mutations were detected in only 48 people affected by delta variation, in more than 45,000 samples studied, site references Conversation (Article in English), But in three states across the country: Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.

Despite the low incidence, the Delta Plus variant was classified on June 22 by the Government of India “Anxiety”. In A statement (In English), The Ministry of Health justifies its choice. A consortium of 28 laboratories, according to information provided by Insagok Ministry of Health, Delta Plus variant is highly contagious, has high ability to attach to lung cells and is highly resistant to monoclonal antibodies. However, these components have not yet been confirmed by integrated studies. “We are only in speculation, everything comes from the ministry’s press release Indian Health“, Mircia agrees with Sofonia, Lecturer in the Evolution of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Montpellier, French culture.

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It has a mutation of the beta variant

This new strain of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, which originated in Covid-19, belongs to the lineage of delta variants identified in India by the end of 2020. It has characteristic mutations of this variant, but also has a mutation called K417N. The discovery of this additional mutation by scientists led to the name of a new variant, which was called AY1 by epidemiologists and Delta Plus by the authorities.

This K417N mutation is not a novelty: it already exists It was first identified in beta at the end of 2020 in a beta variant discovered in South Africa. It is located at the level of the genetic sequence that encodes the spike protein that allows the virus to enter the cells of the human body, which is responsible for a large excretion. That is, Sars-CoV-2 antibodies produced by the body after this mutation contamination or vaccination will allow the virus to easily escape.

As for the beta vaccine, the Govit-19 vaccines retained their effectiveness despite this mutation, but some were found to be significantly less effective against this strain of the virus. We end with the delta variant, which, in addition, has the ability to escape the immune system because this mutation has already been detected in the beta variant known as ‘South Africa’, Epidemiologist Mircia Sofonia summarizes. Verb “End” Here is all its significance, because for now Not sure what will happen to the Delta Plus variant. However, studies are underway to evaluate the protection provided by vaccines against this new variant.

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It is monitored worldwide

For now, especially due to its low circulation, the Delta Plus variant has been dubbed the “Variation of Interest” by the WHO and has not progressed to the level of “variance of interest”. Does not indicate a new strain “Only a small part of the delta scenes ” Identified in the analyzed Sars-CoV-2 genes, justifying the system.

This new strain is present in many countries around the world, especially in France, the United Kingdom and Portugal, but at a much lower rate: by site The spread of serious disease (In English), Which visualizes the cycle of different strains of the virus To Database Kisite, This Variation is noted, as of July 4, which is less than 1% of the number of trials deployed in the identified countries, Except in Nepal (7%). In France, sAccording to the last reportRisk analysis conducted by the Public Health France and CNR of respiratory infections viruses (Document PDF) Dated June 30, AY1 lineage similar to the Delta Plus variant, Occasionally detected “ Of the more than 53,000 cases, 8 cases have been identified Sorted analysis based on data provided by the Kisoit Virological Database. Note that the ratios analyzed using this site depend on the hierarchical effort offered by different countries.

A variant mutation is nothing new, and alpha and beta variants also led to new strains of the virus, although they have not yet established themselves. Nothing suggests that the Delta Plus variant will take more than its cousin the Delta variant. “We have less data at the moment, which is why it’s too early to declare the Delta Plus variant a ‘worrying variant’ globally.” Mircia Sophonia explains. “The Delta Plus variant is almost identical to the Delta variant”, Anurag Agarwal, Director, CSIR-IGIP Genetic Research Institute, New Delhi, on June 23. CNBC-TV18 on Indian TV channel (In English), Assurance : “‘Plus’ does not mean worse than delta.”