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What happens to the Queen’s money now? Corgis, castles and handbags are in the mix


Queen Elizabeth II passed away last week – but what will happen to her assets, investments, and how rich she really was?

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“What will happen to her dogs?” One of the many questions that have been raised since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The dogs, which the Queen spent decades breeding, have taken to social media around the world, and Google searches for them and their future are up nearly 200%, according to Google.

That question has now been answered – the Queen’s son Prince Andrew and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (who still live together despite their divorce) will take them in, a spokesperson for the couple confirmed to BBC. But what else did the Queen possess, how much was she worth and what has happened to her now that she is dead?

Nobody knows the exact net worth of the Queen – the British newspaper The Sunday Times estimated her wealth at 370 million pounds ($426 million) of her wealth. Rich List 2022, an increase of £5 million over 2021, an increase the paper linked to the Queen’s investments in the stock market. In 2021, Forbes suggested that it had $500 million in assets.

There are two main reasons why it is difficult to estimate her wealth. First, there are no official details of its investments and assets. Second, some of the things that the Queen “owned” actually belonged to the ruling monarch – whoever he was – the “royal corporation” or the “royal corporation”, which views the royal family as a business entity, with supportive staff and capital.

Using publicly available information, we can take a look at the late monarch’s immense wealth, whether private or through the royal company, but the Queen’s net worth remains shrouded in mystery, and exact numbers will likely never be revealed.

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The Queen’s property – and why King Charles II doesn’t have to pay inheritance tax on his share of it

Sandringham House is one of the privately owned royal residences of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Not just corgis: horses, swans, whales and more

Corgis aren’t the only dogs the Queen has owned and loved – throughout her life she has kept at least 30 Labrador’s, spaniels, Corgi-crossies and, of course, Corgis.

The Queen spent decades raising corgis whom he loved so much.

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She also loved horses and is estimated to have owned over 100 horses throughout her life, many of which were racehorses. Earlier this year, the sports betting platform OLBG It has been estimated that the Queen’s racehorses have earned her £8.7 million ($10 million) since 1988. According to the data, she has earned £584,399 ($671,936) in 2021 alone.

Rumors are still circulating about who will take care of the horses now. The mail on sunday It was reported that she is likely to be the King’s wife, Queen Camilla, while a source told New York Post That Queen Anne’s daughter Princess Anne and Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall – both Olympic equestrians – will take over.

The Queen also owns British pelicans – or more specifically, all the undistinguished pelicans that live in any open bodies of water in England and Wales – as well as any whales, sturgeons, and porpoises that live within three miles of the British shore. All of these things have now been passed on to King Charles, as technically they belong to the King.

Queen style: from handbags to jewelry

The Queen was rarely seen without a small handbag, and she often matched her coat and hat. She often carried bags from luxury brand Launer London – including in her last photo posted. The CEO of the company said to daily Mail In 2016, the Queen owned at least 200 bags – each costing around £2,000, according to Launer’s website.

As with her iconic color-coordinated coats and hats, it’s not clear how much her entire collection is worth and what will happen to her clothes and accessories now.

Queen Elizabeth II in her matching classic outfit, with Lunar London bag.

Photo by Max Mumbe / Indigo | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images

Meanwhile, the royal jewelry collection is extensive, featuring hundreds of tiaras, tiaras, earrings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces covered in precious stones and diamonds valued in the millions. Some items were privately owned by the Queen, including those she had inherited from her mother, and others belonged to the current monarch, and would therefore be passed on to King Charles.

From premium investments to cars to stamp sets

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