June 16, 2024

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What is the RN’s strategy?  What is the rating in the European Parliament?  Ask your questions

What is the RN’s strategy? What is the rating in the European Parliament? Ask your questions

“Europe may emerge from history”, warns François-Xavier Bellamy

A guest from France on Monday morning, the Republican leader assessed the upcoming European elections “Decided”Car “They are experienced in a context where history returns.”.

“For too long, Europe believed in the end of history”He specifically mentioned and regretted “The Return of War to the European Continent”, “The threat of Islamic terrorism remains strong” Or “The US isolationist movement seems clearly engaged”. Pour M. Bellamy, “Europe Can Escape History”. “We are seeing the double decline of Europe relative to the rest of the world, and the decline of France relative to the rest of Europe.”A believing MEP added LR “We can no longer decide what our future will be”.

Four days after the debate between Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bartella, the head of the LR list criticized the campaign in France for turning it away, even though Emmanuel Macron wanted a face-to-face meeting with Marine Le Pen. Clash between presidential camp and national rally.

He recalled that the European Parliament “structure” Around two political groups: “On the one hand, the European right, which in all likelihood will be much stronger from this election, we are joined by the Republicans. On the other hand, the social democratic left, which is the second big pillar. » “The big question is which direction are we going to take Europe today? In Europe, it’s in France, there’s left-wing politics, there’s right-wing politics.he added.

But Mr. If Bellamy and the LR MEPs sit in parliament in the European People’s Party (EPP), they will be seen as opposition to outgoing European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European far-right list. “With Les Républicains, we want a change in the leadership of the European Commission. We will not give back, we will not put our trust in Ursula van der Leyen.He confirmed his opposition to texts adopted during the last legislature, such as the European Green Deal or the “Farm to Fork” project.

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