May 23, 2024

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What to remember from June 29

What to remember from June 29

On the front line, Ukraine is making sure to keep moving forward. “Our troops are eating up every meter of enemy ground in a fierce battle. They are advancing,” said the Ukrainian deputy defense minister.

Movements in the front row. After nearly a month of counteroffensive, Ukraine boasts of gradual progress in the east of the country. For its part, Russia said it killed two Ukrainian generals in a strike on the town of Kramatorsk near the frontline. Here’s what to remember today.

kyiv says it is making slow progress in the east

After nearly a month of counteroffensives, Ukraine said it was making slow advances in the east. “We are advancing near Bagmouth and it continues”, Oleksandr Chirsky, commander of Ukraine’s ground forces, said in a telegram. For weeks, the Ukrainian army has been making gradual advances, pounding the flanks of Baghmoud, the epicenter of fighting in the Donbass, while the Russians retain control of the city they captured in May.

“Our troops are eating up every yard of the enemy in a fierce battle, and they are advancing”Despite the efforts of Moscow troops, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Khanna Maliar said. “Cling with all their might”. Ukraine, pinned down by the West, has said it has retaken a dozen locations since its counter-offensive began in early June, but it faces Russian defenses prepared for months with trenches and mines.

Russia says it killed two Ukrainian generals

Russia, for its part, said it killed two Ukrainian generals in a recent strike in Kramatorsk, about 50 kilometers from the front, two days after a bloody bombing of a restaurant in the city left 12 dead and 65 wounded, officials said. Ukrainians. “As a result of the high-precision strike (…) two generals, 50 officers and 20 mercenaries of the Ukrainian forces and foreign military instructors participating in a meeting (…) were evacuated “The Russian Defense Ministry made the pledge in a press release.

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EU fears it has ‘weakened’ Putin

European leaders meeting at the summit expressed concern about the risks posed by a weakened Vladimir Putin after the uprising, which has undermined Russian power, and reiterated long-standing support for Ukraine. There was the Russian president “debilitated” By the rebellion of the Wagner group that creates him “Great Risk”European diplomatic chief Joseph Borrell said as he arrived in Brussels. We have to be very careful about the consequences.

“Until now, we considered Russia a threat to its forces stationed in Ukraine. Today, Russia should be considered a threat because of Russia’s internal instability.”, he continued. This riot showed “Deep Crack” Putin and “It will have consequences for us.”European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen also warned.

In Kiev, Greta Thunberg evokes the ongoing “ecosystem” in Ukraine

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist who visited Kiev, criticized the lack of international response to the “environment” in Ukraine after severe flooding caused by the destruction of a dam. “I think the global response to this environment has been inadequate”The activist said during the press conference.

“Destroying the environment and destroying the environment is a form of war. Ukrainians, like Russia, know this very well. That’s why they deliberately attack the environment.”, she continued. The destruction of the Khakovka hydroelectric dam on the Dnieper River in southern Ukraine on June 6 dumped rain on towns and villages, including the regional capital Kherson.

In Moscow, the Pope’s envoy meets with an official wanted by the ICC

Matteo Juppi, the Pope’s envoy for peace in Ukraine, met in Moscow with the Russian Commissioner for Children, the target of an International Criminal Court arrest warrant and the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. Maria Lavova-Belova was indicted by the ICC “Illegal Deportation” Of Ukrainian minors, he said he discussed with Matteo Zuppi “Humanitarian Issues Related to Military Actions and the Protection of Children’s Rights”.

“I firmly believe that Christian love and kindness help dialogue and mutual understanding”, he added in a telegram, accompanying his message with photos with the Italian cardinal. Matteo Zuppi spoke with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Grill, a rare meeting between the clergy of the two faiths.

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