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What were the causes of the death of the Rolling Stones drummer?

Death Charlie Watts. A legend is gone. This Tuesday, August 24th, Rolling Stone’s famous drummer, Charlie Watts, died “quietly” at a hospital in London, causing his agent a shower of tribute.

The rock world and music are all in mourning, drummer Rolling stonesCharlie Watts, died 80 years old. This information was reported by his agent, Bernard Doherty, and was picked up by AFP at the end of the day on August 24. In his statement, the agent clarified it Drummer died “quietly in a London hospital”. He was saddened by the disappearance of “one of the greatest drummers of his generation.” Charlie Watts died “earlier” by his family.

The drummer, who joined Rolling Stone in 1963, recently announced that he would not be participating in the band’s next tour, which is scheduled to begin in September, BFMTV recalls. Charlie Watts revealed that he needed to rest after medical surgery. The nature of the latter is not revealed. “Charlie underwent a successful operation,” but his doctors believe he needs to rest, his spokesman said without further ado.

In one video, Beatles bassist Paul McCartney honored a “fantastic drummer” and “rock solid” man for the way he played and set the pace for his teammates.

Charlie Watts and the Les Rolling Stones

Charlie Watts has been a member of the Rolling Stones since 1963. He then replaced drummer Mick Avery. Along with lead player Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, the drummer is one of the senior members of the renowned rock band. Other big names in music like Mick Taylor, Ronnie Wood or Bill Wyman came to the fore. Described as a quiet man, Charlie Watts is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the group. Prior to joining Rolling Stone, the drummer played on an amateur band, along with the Blues, Alexis Corner and Cyril Davis, in 1961. This group includes many visiting musicians. Mick Jagger Singing. When asked one day to compile his life, Le Parisian recalled jokingly saying: “For forty years I have seen Mix’s setback happening in front of me. That’s all I could see. From the back of the stage, but I did not complain.”

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Biography of Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts grew up in Islington. His father worked in the British Railways. Young Charlie Tylers studied graphic art at Craft Secondary Modern School, and became a typist at the Harrow School of Art. Early in his career, he was also a designer at an advertising agency in order to earn an income. Beyond rock, he was very impressed with jazz and would record albums under his name. In 2004, he won just months after being diagnosed with throat cancer.

Wife of Charlie Watts
From his inception, Charlie Watts shared his life with his wife Shirley. They had a daughter, Serabina. At the height of the rock band’s fame they experienced many hardships. According to Fem Actuel, a few years later, the drummer admitted that he lost his wife due to his excessive behavior. “I think it’s a midlife crisis. All I know is that I became a completely different person in 1983 and came out in 1986.” The couple later settled in the south of France. On their estate, Shirley has run a stable of racing horses for many years.

Tribute rain

Since the death of Charlie Watts was announced, many celebrities have paid tribute to the famous drummer. “Charlie Watts is the ultimate drummer,” said Elton John. Ringo Starr, his fellow drummer, posted a tweet, photo of two people holding a magic wand, with a bright smile on their face. Lenny Gravitz emotionally evokes the “rhythm of the stones” and does not want to add anything other than “every side of the wand speaks to itself”. Brian Wilson, who paid tribute to the deceased, describes him as a “massive” musician. “I was shocked to hear the news of his death. I have no words, I am devastated for his family,” he wrote again. Canadian rocker Brian Adams is remembered as “one of the greatest drummers in rock history and a true gentleman”.