April 18, 2024

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Who is the best in Overwatch 2?  Statistics show that most players don't care

Who is the best in Overwatch 2? Statistics show that most players don’t care

picture: Blizzard Entertainment

hero shooters like Monitoring 2 It’s always in a state of flux when it comes to character selection rates. Balance changes, reworks, and new additions throw a wrench into the machine, so a period of high character usage can mean a lot of things. but while Monitoring 2 It was only launched four months ago, and we can still learn a little bit from the champions who are currently living their best lives as top picks.

in post on charge Overwatch websiteGame director Aaron Keeler broke down some stats about character pick rates in Monitoring 2third season. While the season is still going on, the team appears to be quite satisfied with the game’s state of balance, as they won’t be making any major changes between now and the mid-season patch. So it makes sense that the following pick rate stats would be pretty much the same until then.

One of the biggest takeaways from statistics is that Overwatch The meta doesn’t always define likable characters well.

Case in point, Keeler first outlines support picks, which he says feel well balanced across different skill levels, with “most” characters being viable no matter what level you’re playing at. Brigitte is my secondary supporting character behind Baptiste, so it’s heartwarming to see that she seems to have the highest win rate at most skill levels, with Zenata coming in at the top of the top 500 players. Both have a 55 percent win rate. This pair is followed by Kiriko and Moira, whose win rate hovers around 45 percent. Despite all of this, Keller says that Anna, Kirko, and Mercy are actually the most used support champions right now.

As for tanks, Reinhardt is king with a 58 percent win rate from the Bronze to Platinum ranks, with Sigma winning a 55 percent win rate in the Masters and above. Keller points to Roadhog as a particular pain point for tank players, and recent modifications to it have made it more situational. Wrecking Ball, which got a noticeable buff with the addition of a regenerating shield, seems to be some kind of wild card. His bounce rate seems to be around 51 to 55 percent, with a low pick rate in the lower ranks, but he’s apparently the most picked tank out of the top 500. Really illustrates how unpredictable he can be.

Last up is character damage, and after Sojourn moves a few more figures, more characters come into the limelight again. According to Keller’s analysis, Cassidy has climbed to the top of the most picky damage characters for all but the top 500 ranks, where he’s been rocking the poster girl Tracer. At the lower ranks, Symettra and Torbj√∂rn have the highest win rates, with Symettra having the highest win rate in the game of all ranks below master.

It’s interesting to look at win rates and pick prices side by side, because while the most competitive patients have their opinions on the meta and that’s their private conversation, for many players, they just choose who they like.

Win rate does not always equal higher pick rates is a common thread across all three roles. Cassidy beats other damage players in terms of pick rate, but at most ranks the raw numbers indicate that Symmetra and Torb are at the top of the role in terms of match wins. Kiriko is one of the most cast support types, but in most ranks support characters like Brig and Zenyatta have higher success rates.

These stats are cool to see, but most of us only choose the characters we feel most like no matter where they sit in the meta. Soldier: 76, Orisa, and Baptiste don’t appear anywhere in this blog post, but they’re still my favorites and I’ll stick with them until the bitter end.

Unless they make a Cassidy guided bomb Find Mi anywhere on the map. Then we will re-evaluate.

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