April 19, 2024

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Why are legions of people wearing suits to see Minions: Puppy Rise?

Why are legions of people wearing suits to see Minions: Puppy Rise?

Separate groups of people gathered across the US and UK this past weekend, donning suits, tuxedos and other formal attire, and headed to the Minions: The Rise Of Gru shows. It’s a trend that can now be seen across social media. While I can’t quite make sense of this, I can provide a bit of backstory.

This did not arise entirely out of nowhere. “X . tickets“It’s a meme format that’s been in use for a while now, and it combines famous characters with their intention to watch a movie that doesn’t necessarily set the tone for their world. Imagine the cast of AMC’s Breaking Bad.” Roll up together to watch the next Barbie moviefor example, is obviously funny by nature.

This latest iteration on the same trend people see blurring of the ever-shrinking distinction between the meme world and the real world. Simply imagining your favorite characters doing something is old news. After waiting two years for Minions: The Rise Of Gru to appear in theaters, it’s now a lot more fun to go and become your own memes.

Why are you wearing the suit though? Well, tell me, what outfit would be most appropriate to wear when you can finally pay your respects to a PG movie worth IGN 5/10? Whatever their reasons, those who do so are now called gentlemen.

The thing that really ties this whole performance together is the presence of a related soundtrack. Rich Minion by Yeat was the trend anthem, being used as the accompanying voiceover for most TikToks. The song itself combines a rich and rich lifestyle with, you know, little boys in business clothes.

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The song recently appeared in a trailer produced by the popular channel Lyrical lemonadesponsored by Minions: The Rise of Gru team. It’s not the only time the production company has acknowledged the trend, with the publication of the official Minions TikTok account this video Dedicated to a meme, marked “Your Day Has Come”.

This didn’t happen All It was a harmless trend. As mentioned In this videoSome took to the lanes to make a scene, distracting anyone who bought a ticket with their hard-earned money and just wanted to see Gru’s rise. Some theaters even have I started refusing entry to teenagers in suitsapparently due to disturbances.

Gentlemen isn’t necessarily the biggest ironic rehash of the movie experience this year – that honor still belongs to Fandom Morbius. However, since Morbius’ memes didn’t generate a lot of extra money for a Jared Leto movie, Gentlemen might have a real impact. Minions: The Rise Of Gru Pre-blocked Hit 128 million dollars Over the weekend of July 4th – a new record for the US box office.

As I trusted beforeThe success of such a trend lies in the presence of an activity in which performance is immediately recognizable. Ironically, the enjoyment of Morbius had no call to action as people spent money (except for a visit to benley mega chibi to Morbius Meal).

The internet has been great this year.

Matt Jones is IGN’s UK Social Coordinator, and he’ll be back to pumpkin at midnight.