April 21, 2024

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Why May 9 is the deadline for Vladimir Putin

Why May 9 is the deadline for Vladimir Putin

The countdown begins. Vladimir Putin expects a “victory” on May 9, which is a particularly important and symbolic date for Russia.

“May 9 is a national holiday, an important military coup and for President Putin it is almost certain to be a victory day,” said President Emmanuel Macron. In fact, the date coincides with “Victory Day of the Patriotic War.”

For good reason, May 9 commemorates the anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945 in Russia. On this Nationalist Day, the Russians marched wearing the St. George ribbon, a symbol of military heroism. After the Kremlin’s master’s speech, thousands of soldiers and military vehicles take their turn in the parade.

Although Vladimir Putin has said he wants to “tenacify” Ukraine, the event will have a special identity this year.

A new attack

According to Emmanuel Macron, the fighting is likely to intensify as Russian military forces “concentrate their efforts on the Donbass.” The French president also said he feared “very difficult scenes in the coming weeks”. In fact, it would not have been possible for Vladimir Putin to appear before the Russian people without a positive assessment of his attack on Ukraine.

However, according to Jean-Fran்கois Fayette, historian of the Russian and Soviet worlds, “there is no surprise”.

“Putin is going to talk about victory. This is the whole point of the recollection: establishing a symbolic link between the past and the present. But this moment will be interesting because it comes in a relatively uncertain context about the evolution of war,” the researcher explained in the paragraphs. Release.

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