June 26, 2024

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Why tensions are rising around the Russian border with Kaliningrad

Why tensions are rising around the Russian border with Kaliningrad

The Lithuania Wait, with the flu. Since Monday, June 20, Russian authorities have pledged to respond appropriately to what Moscow now considers a Russian enclave siege of Kaliningrad, while Vilnius began to use European barriers, which could affect the transport of some goods carried by train. Lithuanian territory between the mainland of Russia and the Enclave.

Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikanov warned Moscow that the use of the fourth embargo would affect the imports of about 40 million to 50% of the territory inhabited by about one million Russians. European retaliation will focus mainly on coal, metals and construction materials, and will extend to cement and alcohol in July.

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These concerns were exacerbated by the Russian Charge d’Affaires in Lithuania, Sergei Rybokon, who said the traffic ban was not a matter of using sanctions: “It’s a siege, a partial blockade of goods, they are operating in this way against our region.” Words that carry too much weight, because implementing it can be likened to an act of war. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says Russia is considering a response to the planned retaliation. “In the days to come”. “This decision is truly unprecedented. He threw the storm. This is a complete violation of everything. ⁇ Moscow has called for the immediate lifting of the ban “Illegal”.

On social media, misinformation abounds and proves that NATO is maneuvering to pro-Russian Russia to illuminate the meltdown of World War III.

Headquarters of the Russian Baltic Fleet

But more than 70 kilometers, known as the Svalbard Corridor, which separates the Baltic Sea, Polynesia, Lithuania from the mainland of Kaliningrad, Belarus and Russia, took some time to remain unpowered. Enclave, where anti-Iskander missiles have been stationed for years, is also the headquarters of the Russian Baltic Fleet.

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Every month, about 100 non-military passenger and freight trains connect Kaliningrad via Belarus, an ally of Moscow, Russia’s mainland Moscow, and Lithuania, a member of the European Union (EU) and NATO. This is one of the foundations of transportation. Conditions imposed when Lithuania joined the European Union.

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