May 26, 2024

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Will the Russians soon run out of tanks?

Will the Russians soon run out of tanks?

Due to the lack of spare parts and spare parts, the main Russian armored factory, Ural Vakonsov, could not manufacture or repair armored vehicles damaged by anti-tank weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Without industry, without any weapons and without weapons the military plans of the best strategists will collapse. According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Uralvagonzavod, a leading Russian manufacturer of armored vehicles, is struggling to produce tanks and supply parts for repairing used in the offensive in Ukraine. The factory set up in Nizhni Tagil was forced to suspend production temporarily. It specifically produces T-72B3, T-80 and T-90 tanks.

Since no confirmation is possible, it is reliable if this information is taken with caution. Uralvagonzavod, whose website is certainly not available, was one of the first companies to be targeted by international sanctions. His assets were frozen on March 15. The United States and the European Union have ordered a complete halt to exports of parts, including electronics, used by the arms industry.

Nearly 1,500 tanks were destroyed

For the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Federation mainly used its armored vehicles, which were specifically targeted by the Ukrainian armed forces. They are destroyed or damaged by drones, light anti-tank weapons and US-provided javelin missiles. The United States has reportedly sent 17,000 such missiles to Ukraine.

To date, at least 1,423 Russian armored vehicles have been destroyed, including 263 tanks, 262 VABs (armored personnel carriers), 247 VBCIs (armored infantry vehicles), 57 VBLs (light armored vehicles), 11 armored transmission and 44 armored engineers. . Many vehicles cannot be replaced or repaired due to lack of spare parts.

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The losses may be high. These figures are published on the website And on a Twitter account, compiled by Dutch military analysts. Their statistics on Russian and Ukrainian casualties can only be filmed or photographed if the object has been destroyed, damaged, abandoned, sunk, shot down or captured.

In addition, the Ukrainian military damaged damaged armored vehicles quickly, sometimes towing them by agricultural tractors, making them unrecoverable and used to repair others.

This industrial war provokes an information war. Presents anonymous news announcing the sale on the eBay of second hand T-72 tanks, manufactured precisely by UralVakonsavot.